Love Island Australia 2019 winner Anna McEvoy has given fans an update after she was rushed to hospital while suffering a kidney infection.

Anna first took to Instagram on August 23 to reveal that a urinary tract infection (UTI) had turned into a “bad kidney infection” after the doctor who initially treated her “missed the white blood cells” in her urine.

The 30-year-old has since filled her followers in on the “frustrating” ordeal during an Instagram Q&A.

anna mcevoy
Love Island Australia 2019 winner Anna McEvoy has given fans an update after she was rushed to hospital while suffering a kidney infection. Source: Instagram @annamcevoy21.

On her Instagram Story, Anna said she was feeling far better after her hospital stay.

“I’m just taking it easy,’ she confessed after a fan asked about her wellbeing.

“Still in a little bit of pain in my side, but have really strong antibiotics that are kicking the kidney infection’s butt!”

She also added that she’s recuperating ahead of her Where’s Your Head At? podcast’s live show on August 31, which she will host with her Love Island co-star, Matt Zukowski.

anna mcevoy health update
Anna said she was “mentally doing well” after her illness. Source: Instagram @ annamcevoy21.

Another follower questioned whether Anna was bothered by the doctor overlooking the white blood cells in her urine.

“It was definitely frustrating at the time. Not knowing what was wrong and thinking I was going crazy,” she said.

“But I’m just glad I listened to my body and now have answers.”

Anna McEvoy’s Boyfriend Michael Staples Previously Filled Fans In On Her Condition

Anna’s update comes after her boyfriend, Michael Staples, told fans that she had been discharged from the hospital.

anna mcevoy michael staples
Michael Staples told fans that Anna had been discharged from the hospital. Source: Instagram @annamcevoy21.

“Look who is back from hospital,” he penned on his Instagram Story. “Kidney infection: 0, Anna: 1.”

Alongside a pic of Anna giving a thumbs up, he added: “Love you. Strong woman.”

michael staples anna hospital
Michael suggested his bae was on the mend. Source: Instagram @michael_staples.

Michael’s post followed the reality star’s online documentation of her hospital experience.

How Did Love Island‘s Anna McEvoy End Up In Hospital?

On August 22, the former Love Island winner told fans that doctors had suspicions that her UTI had worsened, although they didn’t have any answers as to what it could be.

“Today, I got an ultrasound, three urine tests, STD tests, a blood test and antibiotics haven’t fixed or come up with what’s actually going on,” she said.

The following day, Anna shared a photo of herself in the hospital.

“Update: Back/side pain got really bad last night, as well as the burning pain in my wee,” she penned. “Didn’t sleep much. So getting it checked out at the hospital.”

Some hours later, the reality star revealed her diagnosis: “I have a UTI that has turned into a bad KIDNEY INFECTION.

“Apparently the last dr [sic] missed the white blood cells in my urine.”

anna mcevoy hospital
Source: Instagram @annamcevoy21.

Anna’s hospital stay follows her and Michael’s recent celebrations of their first anniversary.

The podcaster shared several loved-up snaps from their staycation in Melbourne, and damn, it looked soooo lush!

“You have the 🔑 to my ❤️‍🔥,” she typed. “One year of pure bliss!!”

Meanwhile, Michael mused that they are “indisputably the best partnership since Paul McCartney and John Lennon“.

“Your pure heart warms me more than the morning sun on the first day of summer. Love you, honey.”

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