Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (again and again and again) The Bachelor alum Keira Maguire is once again at the forefront of reality TV star drama, after she left a very telling comment on a photo of ex Matthew Zukowski and former Love Island winner Anna McEvoy.

“Please don’t tag me in any post from either of them,” Keira wrote in response to a comment she was tagged in, where a user called out Matt for allegedly moving on with Love Island co-star Anna, who also used to be best gal pals with Keira (in the sense that they flouted all Melbourne lockdown rules together!)

In an interview at the time, Keira claimed that her ex-beau and ex-bestie “are pretending to be together to get exposure” for their new podcast, Where’s Your Head At?

“I had to block them on socials as it was really hurtful to watch,” she said of the reality stars, who have reportedly known each other since before they appeared on Love Island.  “I guess some people will do anything for clout, even if it means hurting people you’re supposed to care about.”

But Keira’s claims are super f*cking ironic considering that her own relationship with Matt was ALSO a PR stunt. The tea, hotter than Paris Hilton in the naughties, was spilled on episode 51 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, revealing that not only did Matt dump Keira because he “couldn’t stand” her, but that their relationship was known to be a “mutually beneficial” publicity stunt within their inner circle.

“Matt told Love Island friends when they first got together that they had a mutual agreement to date each other for publicity,” a source dished to So Dramatic!.  “He’s been telling all his mates that he only dated her for Instagram followers and more fame.”

The source also revealed that Matt originally promised to commit to dating Keira for 18 months but “bailed and broke the agreement off sooner” because he couldn’t deal with her anymore!  Welp, you know something’s gone awry when the promise of monetary endorsements can’t even convince you to stay in a relationship!

Meanwhile another source dubbed Keira a “media mastermind” for the publicity-fueled relationship, and also quoted it as being “revenge at her ex Jarrod Woodgate” who is now dating Sam Royce, another Bachie reject — which we can understand to a degree, we fully support a petty revenge scheme.

Now, we’re very familiar with PR stunt relationships unfolding amongst Hollywood couples, but we are bamboozled by the idea that the phenomenon has sunk its claws into our Aussie cesspit of reality stars.

Guess a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, hey?! 

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