Police are currently investigating an incident involving The Challenge’s Suzan Mutesi, who allegedly “assaulted” celebrity stylist Jamie Azzopardi at a launch party in Sydney on Thursday night.

The pair were at a bar in Darlinghurst, when at around 9:30 pm, an altercation allegedly broke out.

Jamie has now spoken exclusively to So Dramatic!, revealing the details of what occurred and has accused Suzan of “assaulting” him.

Jamie Azzopardi Speaks Exclusively To So Dramatic! About His Altercation With Suzan Mutesi

“I was at the back of the venue when I overheard a person talking about me. I turned around and saw Suzan Mutesi,” the celebrity fashion stylist recalls. “She was having a conversation with another person, pointing at me and she appeared to be speaking about me, so I walked away with a friend.”

The influencer and celebrity stylist, who has worked with the likes of Big Brother’s Imogen Anthony, Married at First Sight’s Selin Mengu, The Block’s Josh and Luke Packham and Love Island’s Anna McEvoy, went on to explain that he and Suzan know each other from working in the fashion and media industry and attending the same events over the past six years.

suzan mutesi the challenge
Suzan is a contestant on the upcoming Paramount+ show, The Challenge. Source: Paramount+.

Not long after Jamie saw The Challenge star pointing at him, he was speaking to a male outside the front of the venue, when the actress approached him.

“Suzan approached the man I was talking to from behind and pulled him towards her,” Jamie says. “She said he wasn’t allowed to talk to me.”

The social media star then confronted Suzan, saying: “Leave me alone, don’t you have more followers to buy somewhere else? Go away!”

Jamie Accuses Suzan Of Throwing a Drink on Him

Following his verbal insult, Jamie says Suzan responded by throwing a drink at him.

“I turned around and then a drink was thrown on my back,” he tells So Dramatic!. “There was a group of people around me; I heard them all gasp when it happened. I turned around and saw Suzan standing less than a metre away from me, holding an empty glass in her right hand. “

According to Jamie, Suzan then began waving the glass around in front of him and says he “instantly felt fearful.”

Jamie Claims Suzan Also “Scratched” Him

Suzan Mutesi
Jamie has alleged that Suzan threw a drink at him and scratched his arm. Source: Instagram.

After having a drink poured on him, Jamie decided to leave the venue and was followed out by friends. But says Suzan also followed.

“I felt like I had to get away from everyone to get some air,” he explains. “I felt embarrassed and needed space from everyone.”

However, Jamie says that Suzan approached him again and tried to “paint him as a racist and a bully” before she confronted him again.

“I went with a friend of mine back towards the direction of the bar,” he recalls. “Then I turned around and saw Suzan in front of me.

“She said: ‘I’m African. I will go super African on your ass’ and she leant forward and clawed at me with her right hand and scratched me with her nails.”

jamie azzopardi
Jamie says he’s reported the incident to the police and they are currently investigating the matter. Source: Instagram.

After having his forearm scratched by Suzan, Jamie says he felt “threatened and scared” by her actions.

“She had her fists up in front of her face after this and tried to move towards me but was being held back by one of her friends,” he recalls. “I feel like there isn’t any line she wouldn’t cross.”

The incident has been reported to the police and they are currently investigating the matter.

A spokesperson for NSW Police provided a statement to So Dramatic!, saying: “On Friday 16 September 2022, officers from Kings Cross Police Area Command commenced inquiries after receiving a report of an alleged assault at a licenced premises on Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, on Thursday 15 September 2022.”

So Dramatic! has contacted Suzan for comment.

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