Anyone who has appeared on The Block will tell you that signing up for the show is a 24/7 commitment. You live and breathe construction, with the majority of contestants forgoing visits to and from family due to the business of the competition  — which is why it came as such a shock to viewers and contestants alike when fresh-faced Blockheads Josh and Luke Packham not only found the time to slip away for a “quiet night” out on the town, but also failed to return to site the next day!

The scandal arose during week one of renovations on the hit reality show after the twins’ fellow contestants began to voice concerns (and theories) over their whereabouts after their night of bevvies.

The boys eventually returned to site at “9:45am”, claiming they finished drinking at midnight before checking into a hotel, but as discussed on episode 96 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, our Drama Army spies have revealed that “midnight” might just be more like midday!

“The twins were at Revs on Chapel Street,” one source spilled. “My housemate saw them there in the early hours of the morning…. She said they looked off their faces.”

Well, well, well — as if the upcoming alleged Block cheating scandal wasn’t enough, they go and throw this into the mix too!

A second source weighed in on the boys going AWOL, wondering what time the pair really arrived back onsite, because “Revs closes at midday and they look like they went straight from Revs to The Block.” Yikes!

A number of people wrote to So Dramatic! after the boys’ missing persons fiasco went to air, saying that they shared the above information about the twins’ real whereabouts on social media, but were blocked by The Block’s official account for doing so!

Our first source said they commented that Josh and Luke were “off their faces” at Revs the night prior to their disappearance on a Block Instagram and Facebook post before the comments were deleted and they were blocked from commenting on the show’s social media completely!

“Hit home too much or what?” the source said.  Hmmm, this is a conspiracy to rival Britney Spears’ conservatorship!

The Block foreman Keith had the boys blow into a breathalyzer upon their return to site, where the Blockheads blew above the 0.00 limit required to continue working on their renovation.  Later that evening, Luke was whisked off to hospital with a case of food poisoning, which viewers of the show fervently disputed.

“I think food poisoning might have actually been alcohol poisoning or a hangover considering the night I witnessed them having,” a So Dramatic! sleuth (who also saw the twins out on the town) said.

In response to the backlash, Josh and Luke claimed that The Block producers fabricated the drunken storyline, saying that aspects of the incident aired on TV were “totally inaccurate” and that producers conjured up their breathalyzer readings.

Hitting back at the Packham twins’ claim, executive producer and co-creator of The Block told that they’re “TV producers, not mechanical engineers”, stating that fabricating a “breathalyser is way beyond [their] skillset”.

“We never fake anything on The Block,” he told the news outlet.  “We don’t need to when we’ve got contestants like Josh and Luke wandering around.” Damn, looks like it’s not just the contestants and viewers these twins have seemed to have pissed off!

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