The final two Big Brother Australia 2022 contestants are yet to be announced, and we have a little inkling that they will be former housemates.

In celebration of his 21st birthday, Big Brother has handpicked a bunch of housemates to join him in the most hectic game yet.

big brother australia 2022 cast
Who will join Big Brother Australia 2022 as the final two housemates? Source: Seven.

A total of 21 new and returning contestants — the “contenders” and “royalty” — will head into the custom-built house throughout the season to survive every eviction over the course of 62 days.

At the time of writing, only 19 housemates have been unveiled. This means there are two unknown stars yet to arrive.

Of course, they’ll probably be intruders who enter late in the game. But who are they?

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Who Will Be the Last Big Brother Australia 2022 Housemates?

In the OG promo for BBAU 2022, Big Brother teased: “You’ll never guess who’s coming to celebrate.”

And we hate to break it to you Big Brother… But we’ve got a pretty good hunch that two fan favourites from the early seasons will round out this year’s cast.

The promo featured footage of a number of ex-contestants. These included Trevor Butler and Reggie Bird, who we already know to be in the house

However, season one’s Sara-Marie Fedele and Blair McDonough were also spotted in the trailer.

In case you’ve forgotten: Sara-Marie was well-beloved for her “bum dance”, while a then-19-year-old Blair was the inaugural season’s runner-up.

We’d LOVE to see this pair shake up the show 21 years after their first appearance. But they could be up against another two former stars for a look-in.

Big Brother 2004 star-turned-radio host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald was also teased in the initial promo. As was his co-star and silent protester Merlin Luck.

merlin big brother 2022
Will Merlin Luck join the cast of Big Brother Australia 2022? Source: Seven.

While we’d love to see the latter, known for his “Free the Refugees” eviction, speak to today’s issues in the house, we’ll just have to wait and see whether he copped an invite to Big Brother’s birthday bash!

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