The new Big Brother Australia 2022 contenders have been throwing around the term “OG housemates” like confetti, and you may be wondering exactly what that means.

As far as internet slang goes, OG is probably one of the older phrases coined by those browsing the interwebs.

However, we’re sure there are plenty of fans of Big Brother who are left scratching their heads whenever the term is thrown around in the house.

tim reggie big brother 2022
Fans of Big Brother Australia 2022 are left wondering what ‘OG’ means. Source: Seven.

So, what does OG mean, exactly?

According to Urban Dictionary’s top definition, OG is an abbreviation that “used to mean Original Gangster”.

These days, it has been adapted to mean “original” or “old school”.

og_meaning big brother
Urban Dictionary describes OG as meaning “Original Gangster”. Source: Urban Dictionary.

Where Does the Term OG Come From?

According to, the term OG was first used in the 1970s by the LA-based gang, Original Gangster Crips.

The term “Original Gangster” came from the gang’s name and described the members as “the first” of their kind.

They would then use OG as an abbreviation when identifying which part of the gang they belonged to — for example, Original Eastside Crip or OG Eastside.

layla drew trevor big brother 2022
The returning housemates’ descriptor is derived from 1970s gang culture. Source: Seven.

As the Crips began to grow in the 70s as recruits from different gangs joined, the use and definition of the term began to evolve. OG became “someone who was deeply devoted to their subset gang”.

Further, “younger members of the gangs began to use it in reference to the elders”.

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However, OG reached the pop culture lexicon when renowned rapper Ice T released his fourth rap album, O.G. Original Gangster in 1991.

Who Are the OGs On Big Brother Australia 2022?

In October 2021, So Dramatic! revealed that Big Brother would be “going back to the future”. And yes, that means fan favourites — AKA the OG housemates — are back to shake things up.

Also known as Big Brother “royalty”, these contestants are well-versed in the Diary Room. Some even hope to become the series’ first-ever two-time champion.

big brother australia 2022
A number of fan favourites from Big Brother seasons past are back for the series’ 21st birthday. Source: Seven.

The OGs include 2003’s Regina “Reggie” Bird — who beat out I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here‘s Chrissy Swan for the win — and fellow winners Trevor Butler and Tim Dormer (f*ck yes), from 2004 and 2013, respectively.

Also back for a shot at the crown are Tully Smyth, her former bae Anthony Drew and Farmer Dave Graham.

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