Big Brother might need to take a break from spying on the housemates and instead keep an eye on the Channel Seven editors, because a number of embarrassing editing fails have made it into the 2022 season’s final cut.

The beloved show may be the OG of Australian reality TV, but times have changed and the switch from a live(ish) to pre-recorded format means that producers really have no excuse for the multiple muck ups that have managed to slip through the cracks.

big brother editing fails
Big Brother Australia 2022 has already fallen victim to several editing fails. Source: Seven.

Josh’s Robotic Sentences

It is not uncommon for reality TV producers to cut and paste their stars’ words. Often, executives will claim that this is done “for clarity,” but we all know that it’s really just a manipulative editing tactic.

Reality TV queen Abbie Chatfield took to social media to voice her irritation with what is commonly referred to as “franken-biting,” after she noticed a wild editing fail during the second episode of Big Brother.

In one scene where Josh Goudswaard is talking about his unrequited love for Sam Manovski, his voice turns totally robotic.

Evidently, his sentence, “I want her back,” appears to have been created in the editing suite by pasting in words that he has said in a different context. Yikes!

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Big Brother Has a Voice Crack

It’s Big Brother‘s 21st birthday and we guess he was a late bloomer because fans noticed the “robot” have a major voice crack during the 2022 season’s premiere episode.

In a major editing fail, Big Brother‘s voice changed for a split second.

Fans were quick to point out the wild slip up on Twitter.

Johnson’s Disappearing Jacket

Johnson Ashak may be a poker player, but surely he isn’t quick-witted and cunning enough to take his jacket off in less than 0.5 seconds, right?

Well, either the newbie is really good with his hands or the show’s post-production team has had a major slip up.

In the premiere episode, Big Brother Australia fans noticed an blink-and-you’ll-miss-it editing fail, when Johnson was wearing a jacket, moved two metres to the left, and *poof* the jacket was gone.

His jacket was no where to be seen, despite only “several seconds” having lapsed.

The slip up occurred when he was mid-conversation with Jaycee and Josh… we can’t help but wonder what part of the “J squad’s” chat was cut out here?

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