Big Brother Australia is back in all its chaotic glory for 2022 and Twitter are already picking favourites amongst the contestants.

The premiere episode of the new season – which is under the fans versus favourites format –saw four of our fave Big Brother royals return and run amok amongst 11 brand new housemates.

big brother australia 2022
Farmer Dave, Tim Dormer, Estelle Landy and Reggie Bird returned in the Big Brother Australia 2022 premiere. Source: Seven.

Firstly, we were welcomed by one hell of a #TBT montage (did the ‘Oats A La Layla‘ clip have anyone else crying?) and then Tim Dormer and Reggie Bird returned! Farmer Dave Graham and Estelle Landy followed them in.

Everyone was reunited and for some reason, Big Brother seems to have a personality now and isn’t just some soulless, omnipresent voice.

PLOT TWIST: Just as the returning contenders were settling in, Big Brother gave them a challenge – to hide from the 11 new housemates for a bit. If completed they would be granted immunity for a week.

We Met the New Housemates

Johnson, who is OBSESSED with BBAU, Aleisha, who Twitter reckons seems like a vibe (pls don’t make me regret typing that) and Jaycee, who is exactly what you would expect from a TikTok star, were the first newbies to enter the house.

Then Lara came in (while screaming), alongside Sam, Taras (who looks like the fifth Beatle) and Lulu. They were followed by Mel from Melbourne, Josh (the retired model/sh*t-stirrer), Joel and Gabby.

Oh yeah, turns out Sam and Josh went on a tinder date once?

Tim and Dave had a yarn about coming out while spying on the newbies from the cupboard.

The New Contestants Met Big Brother For the First Time

The newbies – who were still screaming – met Big Brother for the first time

While they were watching the big budget fireworks, Tim went around kicking over their suitcases

Then, the oldies (but goodies) made it to ~the mainframe~  where they can watch, listen and learn about – oh, and control – their new housemates.

Josh and Sam had a chat about their shared past. The OG’s watched on and judged.

The Royals BECAME Big Brother Temporarily 

For a hot min, Big Brother let the OGs BE big brother

Notably, they exposed Sam and Josh’s thing (kind of) but Josh played dumb.

The First Challenge

The very first challenge of Big Brother Australia 2022 had Twitter in a conniption.

ICYMI: Joel won and Josh chucked a tanty.

Joel Put Three Women Up For Elimination

After winning the challenge, Joel nominated Aleisha, Mel and Lulu for elimination.

So, there’s obvs a phat male alliance developing here…

Everyone kept chatting about booting Lulu and f*ck you all.

The Royalty’s Secret Was Exposed

The newbies found out the OGs had been in the mainframe and hell broke loose.

Johnson just about peed his pants.

The royals got the option to cancel the eviction, which… they did.

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