Big Brother Australia 2022’s Farmer Dave Graham and Tim Dormer have revealed how different it was when they shared their sexuality on mainstream television.

Now, the pair, have spoken about their differing experiences during the first episode of Big Brother Australia 2022.

“When I came out, people were just like, whatever,” Tim told Dave while they were hidden in a pantry.

“Isn’t that beautiful?” Dave remarked, before Tim said: “Yeah, that’s how it should be!”

Farmer Dave, who famously came out as gay in the 2006 season, then revealed that all he ever wanted was a “country where someone comes out and it’s just like, ‘oh, cool’.”

“That’s all I wanted,” he added.

Of course, the irony of the pair being in a literal closed space was not lost on the men.

“Look at us having this conversation in a closet,” Tim joked. LOL!

Tim and Farmer Dave spoke about their shared experience of being gay during the first episode of Big Brother Australia 2022. Source: Seven.

What Happened When Farmer Dave Came Out on National TV?

During season seven of Big Brother Australia, Dave entered the house thinking that his sexuality was not going to hinder his experience. However, he soon realised that he was filtering himself and was “dodging” questions.

“I haven’t been able to be honest,” he told his housemates at the time. “I want you guys to get to know me at face value, as someone who I am. Just a normal guy. I don’t think there’s anything different to me than any other bloke.”

Watch the full speech below. It’s amazing!

Farmer Dave’s Big Brother Australia 2006 coming out speech was applauded by his fellow housemates. Source: Ten.

Dave then revealed that he wouldn’t go speed dating with “boys on one side and girls on the other”.

“I’ve been going speed dating where there are boys on one side and boys on the other.”

The housemates cheered the farmer on, before he added: “I’m the token farmer and the token gay guy!”

Dave is now the proud father of four children by surrogate.

dave graham daughter big brother australia 2022
Daddy’s little girl! Farmer Dave is now the proud father of four children. Source: Instagram.

When Did Tim Dormer Come Out?

During the 2013 season of the series, Tim was open about being bisexual — something that was marked as no big deal by the house and Australia.

Then, following his exit from Celebrity Apprentice in 2015, the season 14 Big Brother winner revealed that he was in a relationship with his best friend, Ash Toweel.

tim dormer ash towele big brother australia 2022
After leaving the Big Brother house in 2013, Tim revealed he was in a same-sex relationship with his best friend Ash Toweel. Source: Instagram.

Sharing the news with WHO magazine at the time, Tim said: “I have always been fluid in my sexuality. Even on Big Brother, I talked about my bisexuality and that I’ve always been about people, not sexuality or gender.

“I’ve dated girls, but have always been open to dating guys.”

Then, following the announcement, he shared a personal post on his Instagram.

“I’ve loved sharing my life on social media, but there’s one special part of my life I haven’t shared with you all until now…this last year I fell in LOVE with the most beautiful person. His name is Ash, he’s my best friend and he truly gets me and has made me very happy!” Aww!

While their relationship didn’t last, Tim is now dating Adam Freeth, who he debuted on Instagram in May 2021.

tim dormer adam freeth big brother australia 2022

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