As the Gossip Girl of Australian television, many have wondered who is behind the booming voice of Big Brother on the hit reality show.

However, as is the case with all big mysteries, nothing is ever as it seems.

With Big Brother Australia back on our screens in 2022, we’re back to wracking our brains as to whose on the other side of the Diary Room wall.

big brother australia 2022
Who is the voice behind Big Brother? Source: Seven.

It was previously reported that Big Brother is voiced by Chris Coucouvinis, a voice actor who has voiced advertisements for ANZ, Aldi, Tourism Australia and Canon. He’s also appeared on Sydney’s FBi Radio.

chris coucouvinis big brother voice
Is Chris Coucouvinis Big Brother himself? Source: Instagram @chris_coucouvinis.

But the plot thickens, because when Chris was contacted for comment, he denied any involvement in the reality show.  Huh?  Something doesn’t add up… 

Big Brother Australia Host Sonia Kruger Hinted At the Man Behind the Voice

In a previous interview with The Daily Telegraph, host Sonia Kruger shed some light on the situation, calling the man known for his monotonous robot voice an “international man of mystery”. This gives the impression that the name is known globally.

“He’s very mischievous, and it’s hard to talk about him as a real person,” she said, before adding that he’s “quite cute”.

big brother sonia kruger
Big Brother Australia host Sonia Kruger hinted at who the voice might be. Source: Seven.

And TBH, this doesn’t help us in our investigation whatsoever, because “cute”, “international” and “booming voice” just leads us to believe Big Brother is one of the Hemsworth brothers — and we’re 99 per cent sure that isn’t the case!

Even New Idea tried their luck in uncovering the Seven Network’s best-kept secret, but as expected, mum’s the word as they offered up a phrase from Gossip Girl herself: “That is one secret we’ll never tell”.

How Often Do the Housemates Hear Big Brother‘s Voice?

According to 2021 housemate Mitch Giles, what we hear is exactly what the contestants hear in the house.

mitch giles big brother
Mitch Giles spilled the tea on what Big Brother is really like. Source: Seven.

“The Big Brother that does [the voiceovers] all on TV is the one that does them in the house,” Mitch told POPSUGAR Australia.

“During the main days with all the challenges, he’s there but not during the late nights or days off. He needs a bit of a break. They’ll have someone else talking to us, but I have no idea who it is.” Intriguing…

The former reality star even dished that the big fella even gets in on some fun and games every once in a while!

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“He just piped up straight away,” Mitch recalled one time the cast played trivia. “He answered everything. He’s switched on! It would just be random questions about anything and he just knew everything. He’s really smart!”

Smart and cute? Sign us up!

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