Big Brother Australia 2022 not only has a brand-spanking-new house but a brand-spanking-new location where it was filmed!

Previous seasons saw the complex built in Sydney Harbour’s North Head; however, this time around, the custom-built home is located in Sydney’s Olympic Park in the infamous White Pavillion.

where is big brother australia 2022 filmed
The custom-built home is located in Sydney’s Olympic Park in the infamous White Pavillion. Source: Getty Images.

What Rooms Are In the Big Brother Australia 2022 House?

The Big Brother Australia 2022 house is comprised of two bedrooms and an open kitchen layout with combined living and dining areas.

As with every year, there are secret rooms including the mainframe, the sewer and two mystery rooms.

The mainframe is the “nerve centre” of the BB house and from this room, every move of every housemate can be monitored. Whoever enters this room can control the house and the housemates!

The underground sewer, complete with sh*t mattresses, has old pipes and valves that can control the plumbing and fresh air in the house.

There’s also a new treehouse, which is a Zen chill-out space for the housemates to grab some downtime, and a select few housemates will also get exclusive access to a brand-new upstairs luxury suite.

The treehouse is a brand-new addition to the Big Brother Australia 2022 house. Source: Seven.

Of course, Big Brother wouldn’t be complete without the infamous diary and eviction rooms — and this year, they’re fancier than ever!

What Is In the Outside Area of the Big Brother Australia 2022 House?

The new iteration of Big Brother introduced nomination challenges, where housemates battle against each other and are tested in ways they never thought possible, with all of this, taking place in the yard.

The yard is where the nomination challenges take place. Source: Seven.

And then, of course, there’s a place of sun baking, lounging and a leisurely chat by the pool. Who are we kidding? This is Big Brother! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

There are 70 rigged cameras in the house, most with full remote capabilities and infrared to follow the housemates 24/7 where required! So coool!

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