Big Brother Australia‘s Taras Hrubyj-Piper may have been an underdog in the house, but he had been sitting pretty on Twitter as a fan favourite for weeks. That is, of course, until he absolutely dogged OG Tully Smyth at the last minute.

Throughout Big Brother, Taras has been (or editing has shown him to be) a total sweetheart – rooting for both OGs and newbies and using meditation techniques as a unique but useful way of getting through difficult challenges.

Even at the start of the June 20 episode, Taras was making waves in the Twitter-sphere after he expressed his concern that his “flying under the radar” strategy had been found out.

Twitter fans quickly fell for his quirky ensembles and soft-spoken nature but were shocked to see him snap at Tully in front of everyone in the kitchen.

Then, Taras sealed his fate as the new TV villain after his cut-throat decision to squeeze Tully out when he gained nomination power, after winning the challenge.

Big Brother Australia‘s Taras Hrubyj-Piper Was Called Out On Twitter For “Gaslighting” Tully Smyth

Plenty of BB fan faves have made brutal moves and remained in Twitter’s good graces — unlike Tim Dormer, who wears his savage plays as a badge of honour — Taras started “gaslighting” Tully and wouldn’t own up to targeting her.

While some fans felt it was unfair that Taras copped the heat on Twitter for his play, others suggested he should have owned up the backstabbing move.

Tully Smyth Puts Taras Hrubyj-Piper On Blast In The Big Brother Eviction Room

However, Tully wasn’t having any of it, calling the newbie out in the eviction room about his lies.

“It’s just interesting whose word is actually their word and whose word is a load of horsesh*t,” she told host Sonia Kruger.

But Tully wasn’t having any of Taras’ sketchy gameplay, calling the newbie out in the eviction room about his lies. Source: Seven

Realising how many housemates were voting for her to leave, Tully mouthed to fellow OGs Reggie Bird and Estelle Landy, “If I go, come for him. Straight for the head.” Kinda iconic, NGL.

Big Brother‘s Taras Claimed on Twitter His Move To Evict Tully Was All Just “Gameplay”

With Big Brother Australia’s live finale on the horizon, fans pointed out that if Taras did make it to the final three, he would have lost their vote with the move.

Ironically, Taras back-peddled on Twitter after the episode aired, claiming his decision was only a “gameplay move”.

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