Big Brother Australia isn’t the last stop on Tully Smyth’s journey to TV fame, with the two-time housemate slated to appear on another reality show.

She may be amidst her second stint on Big Brother but it sounds like the 34-year-old has big plans once the show wraps up.

big brother tully
Big Brother‘s Tully Smyth might be headed onto another reality TV show! Source: Seven.

As reported in episode 189 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Tully was overheard boasting about a potential new gig in the background of an Instagram story.

“I’ve already put my tape forward for another show,” she was heard saying off-screen in a clip posted by actor Kathleen Ebbs and The Bachelorette‘s Konrad Bien-Stephen.

The trio, among a number of other influencers and reality stars, recently partook in a #SponCon trip to the Nothern Territory.

She also added that the show was “a new one”, so, is it a brand new series, or just “new” to her — AKA, not Big Brother?!

Several New Reality Shows Have Been Picked Up for Aussie TV

A number of all-new reality TV shows have been on the hunt for contestants ahead of filming their first seasons.

Network 10 is currently casting for its new psychological reality series, The Traitors.

“Deception, lies and betrayal are the name of the game”, 10play teased. And we think some certain Big Brother stars would be perfect for this!

the traitors casting
The “ultimate game of deception” is coming!. Source: Supplied.

The series will see Australia’s most “cunning” participants shack up in a mega-mansion and work together to complete “dramatic and challenging missions”. Across the series, they’ll also accumulate money that goes towards the prize pool.

However, some contestants are secretly Traitors who will “attempt to deceive and manipulate” their way to the end by ousting the “loyal” stars.

Could Tully Smyth Be Competing On a New Show from the Creators of Big Brother?

From the brains of The Voice and Big Brother comes Million Dollar Island and damn, does this sound like one to watch!

As the name implies, the winner is set to take home $1 million in prize money. However, they’ll be competing with 100 other contestants on a deserted island for the chance to win big.

The new Seven show, which originally launched this year in The Netherlands, has been dubbed the “world’s biggest social experiment”. Move over MAFS!

million dollar island the netherlands
Million Dollar Island, which launched in The Netherlands this year, has been dubbed the “world’s biggest social experiment”. Source: Prime Video/SBS6

Each contestant is given a “$10,000 bracelet”, which they must give away when they leave the island and so the finalist with the most bling, wins!

Contestants are set to film on the deserted island for six weeks, sometime between September to November 2022.

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