Big Brother Australia 2022 royalty Dave Graham shocked his fellow contestants during the Monday, May 30 episode after he nominated fan (and housemate) favourite, Trevor Butler. However, it was fellow all star Tim Dormer, who was put under fire on social media.

The one-time winner divided fans with his sneaky but strategic gameplay, after giving Dave the win during the challenge.

Tim flawlessly played the devil on Dave’s shoulder as he convinced the 42-year-old farmer to pick an OG, rather than intruder Brenton Parkes.

Big Trev Butler Big Brother Tim Dormer Reggie Twitter Reaction
Trevor Butler (middle) was eliminated from Big Brother on Monday night and some fans are blaming Tim Dormer (Right). Pictured alongside Reggie Bird (left). Source: Instagram

Did Tim Just Tank His Chance At a Second Big Brother Win?

Fans took to Twitter after witnessing Tim’s decision to vote for Trevor instead of his initial choice, newbie Aleisha Campbell.

Quickly dubbed a “traitor”, many viewers explained Tim had immediately lost their respect and their vote if he made it to the final three.

In the episode, Tim explained he was changing his vote because he felt Aleisha deserved the chance to “play the game”.

It wasn’t a good enough reason for some Twitter users, reminding Tim that the 24-year-old newbie was not on his side.

But fans also noted that Tim was playing a strategic game and his single vote wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

Some Twitter users thought Dave was equally as responsible for the shocking loss, explaining it was “stupid” to think anybody was safe.

Others pointed out that Farmer Dave “got totally played by Tim”, with the “cutthroat” 36-year-old now putting a target on the older contestant’s back.

Even contestants Tully Smyth and Estelle Landy took to Twitter to share their disappointment.

“Watching this back, I’m still so devastated. It wasn’t supposed to go down like that. Trev was loved by every single housemate,” Tully tweeted after the episode aired.

She continued: “His energy and presence were missed immediately. The biggest honour of playing this time around was getting to play with Trev.”

trevor butler big brother
It wasn’t supposed to go down like that. Trev (pictured) was loved by every single housemate,” contestant Tully Smyth tweeted.

Estelle also shared her distress over the result, having already been burned by Tim’s gameplay the week prior.

“This genuinely broke my heart & made me realise some others aren’t playing as a team. Only for themselves,” she wrote.

More Twitter Reactions to Big Brother’s Monday Night Elimination

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