The Bachelor Australia franchise’s Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen have surprised fans with a candid admission about the unconventional structure of their relationship.

As individuals, the pair have never been ones to abide by strict binaries.

Abbie proudly identifies as “Queer” and regularly uses her platform to bring awareness to issues facing women and the LGBTQ+ community. Konrad has also opened up about his sexuality in the past and expressed he doesn’t feel the need to explicitly label it.

Now, Konrad has appeared on Abbie’s It’s a Lot podcast, during which the pair discussed all things sex, love, and *checks notes* open relationships.

Abbie Chatfield Konrad Bien-Sephen
Abbie and Konrad have been open about their indifference to cultural “norms”. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield

Speaking to listeners, Abbie began by confirming “Mummy and Daddy aren’t breaking up.” Phew.

She added that they are, however, “having a different structure to [their] relationship.”

The 26-year-old elaborated by confirming that the pair are in an open relationship, which they “love”.

How each couple defines an open relationship varies and is totally open to individual interpretation. However, put simply, it is when both partners mutually agree to have sexual or romantic relationships with other people.

While Konrad admitted that he had “never been in an open relationship before”, he stressed that it is something he “wants to explore and navigate.”

Abbie and Konrad Explained How Their Open Relationship Worked

Abbie and Konrad made it clear that their open relationship does not imply a lack of boundaries.

The pair explained the general structure of the relationship, with Konrad confessing an acquaintance had given them tips on how to make the unconventional relationship style work for them.

The unnamed friend recommended the pair “go to see a sex therapist” and “talk about what [their] boundaries are”.

Konrad added: “It’s not like you just go sleep with anyone,” to which Abbie confirmed, “Yeah, there are rules. We can still cheat on each other”.

The clip ended with Konrad admitting “there is so much more to a relationship than just sex,” and true that!

We are sure if anyone can make an unconventional relationship work it will be these two – they were both on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette after all!

Fans Were Quick to Respond to Abbie and Konrad Annoucning Their Open Relationship

In opening up about their personal experiences with an open relationship, Abbie and Konrad sparked a healthy discussion in the comment section of Abbie’s Instagram Reel.

One fan quipped: “So what you’re telling us is we have a chance with both of you….” And TBH, they’re just saying what everyone else is thinking.

Some praised the pair for their communication skills and others took the opportunity to share their own experiences with non-monogamy.

Abbie Konrad
Abbie and Konrad received support online after opening up about their unconventional relationship. Source: Instagram

“It takes heaps of work but being in an open relo is worth it. Loving someone for who they are is magic, and trusting someone to that level is a fast track to deep personal growth. Good luck!” One fan wrote.

Another added: “Everyone should live in a way that suits them! (Provided you’re not hurting anyone). Love the respect between these two.”

We are kind of sad the podcast didn’t include a wedding announcement, however, baby steps!

These two are setting an example for those who don’t want to be pigeonholed into what is deemed as “normal” and we are SO here for it.

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