Tim Dormer has labelled Estelle LandyBig Brother [Australia’s] Amber Heard” after she shared that he and Anthony “Drew” Drew treated some female housemates like “punching bags”.

When questioned about the now-deleted tweet, the Big Brother OG said that Estelle had created a “false narrative” by calling them “abusers”.

“You didn’t see what had been going on with Drew & I for weeks [sic],” Estelle wrote on Twitter, to which Tim responded: “You are big brothers Amber Heard. Cancel yourself and go away! [sic]”.

“Wow Tim. Just wow, [sic]” she said.

Twitter Drama Between Big Brother's Estelle and Tim
Tim Dormer labelled Estelle Landy as “Big Brother’s Amber Heard” in a now-deleted Tweet. Source: Twitter

So, how did the former Big Brother besties get here? Here’s how it all went down…

Tim and Drew Made a Deal To Get Estelle Evicted from Big Brother Australia

During the June 7 episode, Drew and Tim made a deal to try to get Estelle voted out. While that was just playing the game, it pretty much spiralled down from there, eventually landing the two fan favourite OGs in a real-life feud.

“Tim’s trying to get rid of Estelle and I’m happy to help with that,” Drew explained in the diary room.

Estelle, who live-tweets each episode, got confirmation that the pair had made the deal, seemingly sparking her frustration IRL.

Tim fuelled the fire (and gave a sneak peek of what’s to come) by telling her to “get off her high horse”. Oh, it’s goin’ down.

One fan even questioned whether Tim had been “fake the entire time”, to which Estelle replied, “I’m asking the same thing”. OUCH!

How Drama In the Big Brother Australia House Became an IRL Fight Between Estelle Landy and Tim Dormer

During the same episode, Tim and Estelle got into an on-screen spat about lollies. Yeah, this all started over some goddamn Maltesers!

Estelle’s “Head of House” lollies were taken away from her by Big Brother because she left them out in the open. Drew quickly took advantage of the snacks by hiding them on top of the kitchen cupboard.

After Big Brother punished them both, Estelle got upset with Drew and Tim for not respecting her as Head of House. Tim then mistook her anger for being all about the lollies and confronted her about it.

The visibly upset Estelle tried to explain the reason for her reaction, but the pair went around in circles with their sibling-like argument.

Of course, that meant mum and dad had to step in, with Regina “Reggie” Bird and Dave Graham trying to keep the OG alliance together – which seemingly worked… at least on-screen.

On Twitter, Estelle suggested Tim and Drew knew that she would get in trouble if they took the lollies.

Estelle Alleged Tim and Drew Treated Three Female Housemates Like “Punching Bags”

While tweeting during the same episode, Estelle said that Drew and Tim were “unkind” to her, Lulu Oliveira and Tully Smyth.

“[Drew and I] were not getting along because I feel like he was being particularly unkind to Lulu. Tully and I would also routinely cop it from Drew and Tim if they needed a punching bag,” she said.

And this is where Tim called Estelle “Big Brother’s Amber Heard” and tried to cancel her.

Tim received a mixed response from fans.

Some were shocked that he would compare Estelle’s statement to a complex domestic violence case, while others questioned whether he had been hacked.

Tim then said that Estelle had a history of creating “false narratives”, referring to season nine winner Ben Norris, who was previously accused of bullying her on the show.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2012, Ben openly described Estelle as “annoying” but didn’t believe it counted as bullying.

On June 9, Tim explained on Twitter that he had supported Estelle’s allegations about bullying in the past, but said he now knew who the “real victims” were.

Speaking exclusively to So Dramatic!, Lulu explained that Tim was trying to “defend himself” for the way he acted towards Estelle on the show.

“He would just keep stirring her and Tully sometimes,” she said. “I still can’t believe he posted what he did. They are so close. I hope he realises that wasn’t cool and makes up with Estelle [sic].”

While Tully and Lulu appeared to support Estelle’s perspective on Twitter, Aleisha Campbell retweeted Tim’s “Amber Heard” post to show her support.

Meanwhile, Taras Hruby-Piper reminded fans there was a lot they didn’t see on-screen.

Tim Dormer Turned His Back on the OG Alliance and Made a Deal With Newbie Aleisha Campbell

The rivalry also continued on-screen, as Tim made a deal with Aleisha and Johnson Ashak. They had planned to save Aleisha, who was nominated for eviction alongside Gabbie Keevill.

With Tim switching sides, each girl had five votes against them, creating a tie. Since Estelle was Head of House, she had to make the final decision on who would go home.

Tim gleefully explained in the diary room that Estelle would have to make a “head move” even though she continued to refer to herself as a “heart player”.

He believed that Estelle and the other “heart players” were on a “moral high ground” because they weren’t strategising the same way “head players” like him and Aleisha had been doing,

“I’m sick of it that there’s a good player and a bad player. Don’t hide behind a heart move, [sic]” Tim said during the June 8 episode.

After making her final vote, Estelle returned crying, quickly realising that Tim had purposefully put her in that position to make a point.

Is the Twitter Feud Between Tim Dormer and Estelle Landy All Just a Publicity Stunt?

Tim and Estelle’s friendship seems to be in pretty murky water RN and while it started off as a part of the game or even promotion for the show, it seems to have made an impact on their once “close” friendship outside of the house.

When one fan asked whether their onscreen fight translated to off-screen drama, Tim explained that “Estelle’s behaviour post-show” had caused a rift between them.

On June 8, Tim eventually deleted the “Amber Heard” tweet, later posting a photo of himself in the pool with the caption: “Nothing to see here, just thinking about lollies”. Shady!

Meanwhile, Estelle explained in a Tweet that she didn’t want to individually speak to the media about the fight because she “chooses peace babes. Even just for today [sic]”.

She also explained that their “real-life relationships” were “separate,” so she didn’t want to discuss them.

More drama off-screen, then on! Ooft!

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