Well, blow us down with a feather, it turns out Big Brother Australia 2022’s Aleisha Campbell previously won a lotto worth $2 million!

As reported in episode 189 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a distant relative revealed this crazy titbit after the 24-year-old announced on the show that she had “sold two businesses by the age of 23” and “could sell ice to an Eskimo”.

Big Brother’s Aleisha Campbell previously won a lotto worth $2 million! Source: Seven.

However, our source told host Megan Pustetto that this wasn’t exactly the case.

“She won the lotto a few years ago worth $2 million,” they dished, before adding that she “blew it all”.

“When she won it, she didn’t give any of it to her family, she snubbed them all off!” Ouch!

According to the well-placed spy, Aleisha reportedly moved interstate so she didn’t have to share the winnings and started an Acai bowls business, which “flopped”.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Reiterating that the business failed, the insider said: “So, the business flopped. It wasn’t sold.” Sounds like a p*ssed off family member…

She also previously owned a homewares store called Lilou and Leo Boutique.

Aleisha Campbell has a Ton of Reality TV Friends

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, Aleisha is the ex-girlfriend of Australian Survivor: Blood vs Water contestant Jordie Hansen — however, it’s not clear if he was with her when she won the moolah!

ICYMI: This is also the same fella who is now dating former Bachelorette and Home and Away star Sam Frost.

sam frost jordie hansen
Aleisha’s ex-boyfriend is Jordie Hansen, Sam Frost’s new BAE! Source: Instagram.

As revealed in episode 177 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Aleisha and Jordie dated right up until he left to film Survivor.

However, Jordie isn’t her only link to TV!

The contestant is also friendly with Love Island’s Dom Thomas and Todd EltonBig Brother‘s Katie Williams, Charlotte and Alexandra McCristal and Gabe Criste. Not to mention The Bachelor‘s Damien Stone and Pascal Wallace, too!

Love this for her!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 189 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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