There ya have it, folks — the final Final Vows of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 have arrived on our screens!

After the brutal honesty and L-bombs in Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer‘s vows, plus Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic dragging each other in theirs, Tuesday’s episode had a lot to measure up to.

Naturally, it delivered in spectacular MAFS fashion. So, scroll on to catch up on all the drama from Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar, Cody Bromley and Selina Chhaur, and Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud‘s Final Vows ceremonies.

Cody and Selina

Selina has been through hell with Cody throughout the experiment. To top things off he smashed her mum’s special teacup during a visit to her family home which is DEFINITELY a bad omen.

Mumma Teresa told Selina that she was “not impressed at all” by her MAFS husband, and she didn’t think he “was really into” her.

Thank the lord Selina finally had a voice of reason. We still can’t believe that the racist remarks nor the visit to his crusty crackden home weren’t enough to send her packing, but we digress.

MAFS 2022 Selins Chhaur
It was unclea what decision Selina would make heading into her Final Vows. Source: Nine.

Cody said that when he started the experiment he “was not half the man he is today”, but alas, he is still only a quarter of the man Jack is. Just saying!

On her way to the venue, Selina was STRESSED.

“When I came into this experiment I did not have my parent’s approval. I still don’t”. Oop.

However, she was making her decision for herself, and not her parents.

MAFS 2022 Cody Final Vows
Cody wanted to continue his relationship with Selina IRL. Source: Nine.

Cody, who looked uncharacteristically dapper, started off his vows by gassing Selina up. As he should!

“Although we bring out the best in each other there are times we have brought out the worst,” he said. “Despite everything we have been through, are we really suited to each other?”

“NO, YOU FKN AREN’T,” the entirety of Australia watching along at home screamed.

However, Cody ultimately decided that his feelings for Selina were “strong enough to put the work in on the outside” and he would like to continue their relationship IRL.

Cody decided he wanted to continue his relationship with Selina. Source: Nine.

The stunning bride started her Final Vows to her MAFS groom by stating that she entered the experiment looking for someone “honest, respectful and would love her unconditionally”.

TBF everything Selina said in her vows was incredibly optimistic but the ominous music the MAFS producers overlayed threw us off.

MAFS 2022 Cody and Selina Final Vows
Cody and Selina had a tense Final Vows. Source: Nine.

“I have seen you grow tremendously throughout this experiment,” the bride said, “However, there have been times in this experiment where I have felt really let down.

“I name constantly stuck in a cycle of confusion and unease”.

She continued: “To your credit, you have stuck by my side through it all, even when you had the chance to write ‘leave’ every single week.”

The bar is on the floor.

Married at First Sight Australia 2022 Final Vows selina and cody
Cody and Selina agreed to take their MAFS relationship into the real world. Source: Nine.

Despite the brutal honesty and the confusion of the edited-in horror movie music, Selina revealed that she too wanted to take their relationship into the real world.

Confused? Shocked? Happy for them? All of the above!

Ella and Mitch

After a blow-up at the final MAFS dinner party and a tense AF last morning in Skye Suites, Ella and Mitch were both on edge walking into the Final Vows. Ella had even removed her wedding band after returning home.

While contemplating his decision, Mitch blamed his TV wife for the breakdown of their relationship, and Ella, babes — run.

He complained that Ella needs “all these things in a relationship,” with “things” being some open communication and genuine affection. Yep, she’s asking for heaps (not)!

Married at First Sigth Australia 2022 Ella and Mitch
Ela and Mitch’s final morning in Skye Suites was tense. Source: Nine.

Ella began her Final Vows by reflecting on their Married at First Sight Australia 2022 journey, admitting that she had missed her groom since leaving Sky Suites.

She pandered to his ego a little, before hitting him with the dreaded “But”.

“We have different needs that need to be met. Different expectations,” she said. “Having a disagreement in our relationship shouldn’t mean end game or I’m done.”

MAFS 2022 Ella and Mitch final vows
Ella went first to say her Final Vows to her MAFS groom Mitch. Source: Nine.

“Maybe you are not ready for the level of commitment I am searching for… but I see potential in us and am willing to take the risk beyond this experiment and see where this could go.”


Married at First Sight Mitch Eynaud
Mitch had a very blunt speech for Ella. Source: Nine.

Okay, Mitch’s go.

“We have shared so many amazing moments together during this experiment… You excite me, you bring me out of my shell”.

The model continued: “Although you and I started out strong we definitely hit a few bumps along the way… And all these bumps seem to have a common theme — you saying that I don’t show enough affection, you not feeling good enough, you’re insecure.

“You have told me that you don’t think I am ready for a relationship… Then what do you think I have been doing here the entire time?” Is he trying to pull a Brent? If so, it ain’t working.

MAFS Final Vows Ella and Mitch
Mitch avoided taking any and all responsibility. Source: Nine.

“It’s difficult to see a bright future with you when it seems the longer we spend with each other the more difficult the relationship gets and the more I realise maybe I am not the person you need.”

Eek, make it stop, please!

Mitch added that he didn’t see their MAFS pairing as a “substantial relationship”, but could not make a proper decision until he had been able to go back to his life, family and friends for a little bit.

MAFS 2022 Ella Ding
Mitch made our kween Ella cry – how dare he. Source: Nine.

“I will not be forced to make a decision I am not yet ready to make.”

He then asked her for “patience” and basically made no decision.

BRB, on our way to find Mitch’s backbone.

Jack and Domenica

Finally, the Australian royal couple, Domenica and Jack!

After a slightly sad ending to their fairytale MAFS romance, Jack returned home to his dog Finn to mull over his decision.

Domenica sat in her fear of failure and went to see her besties to sift through her complicated feelings.

MAFS 2022 jack Millar
Bless Jack Millar’s heart. Source: Nine.

“For Jack the decision was easy,” the narrator said and we’re not trying, you’re crying. We f*cking love him — we hope Domenica does too!

Domenica ran towards her MAFS partner for their Final Vows fully barefoot, in the rain. We are obsessed with both of them.

The start of Jack’s vows were sooooo sweet.

“Domenica, I would love to continue this relationship in the outside world because I believe we have something great.”

MAFS Domenica
Domenica admitted that she had felt conflicted about their MAFS relationship. Source: Nine.

Domenica also kicked off her vows with the highs of the MAFS journey.

“But,” she said, “By this point, I thought my feelings would be deeper than they are now.

“At this point, I know what it feels like to walk away. It is an all-consuming decision that can change the course of your life. Throughout the entire experiment I never gave up… and I don’t want to walk away from you leaving any stone unturned.”

MAFS Jack and Domenica Final Vows
We are obsessed with them. Source: Nine.

She proclaimed that Jack (AKA Australia’s collective boyfriend) is a one in a million guy — and we wholeheartedly agree.

“I am hoping we can continue what we have into the real world. Because right now it is too special to let go.” YASSS!

They then kissed in the rain and all was right in the world.

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