We’re already in the full swing of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 and the commitment ceremonies are seriously bringing the DRAH-MA.

The ninth season has been packed with entertaining content so far with all the MAFS staples, including toxic partnerships, explosive fights and a slightly giddy groom waving a vibrator all over the place. Y’know, standard reality TV biz.

As usual, the Married at First Sight 2022 couples have been poorly matched by the “experts” with several doomed to fail from the moment they locked eyes on each other.

MAFS 2022
Married at First Sight Australia has been drama-packed from the start. Source: Nine

Scroll down to see all the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 couples who have said “leave” during the hectic AF commitment ceremonies!

Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins

samantha al mafs commitment ceremony
Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins both wrote leave following one final go at their relationship. Source: Nine.

At the final Commitment Ceremony of the 2022 season, Al Perkins and Samantha Moitzi hung up their TV marriage boots.

The previous week, Samantha tried to leave the experiment, however, the experts convinced her to stay a little longer to build a friendship with Al, at the very least.

While she was initially against it, the extra time together actually worked out for the pair, who ended up leaving the show on good terms. BRB, doing a shoey in Al’s honour.

Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli

dion carolina mafs
Dion Giannarelli and Carolina Santos exited the experiment after her affair with Daniel Holmes was uncovered. Source: Nine.

Dion Giannarelli and Carolina SantosMAFS marriage came to a dramatic close when she unexpectedly arrived at her final Commitment Ceremony with long-gone groom, Daniel Holmes.

The affair came as a shock to the whole group, especially Dion, who had been putting his all into the marriage.

Of course, nothing he did was going to be good enough for Carolina, who maintained he wasn’t the guy for her because he didn’t go to the gym, didn’t eat breakfast (her fave meal of the day) and didn’t listen to EDM music. Go figure?!

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Despite begging to continue the experiment with Daniel, the experts told Carolina to get TF out, while Dion wrote “leave”. However, this might not be the last time we see King Dion on our screens, with the Melburnian rumoured to appear on Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley

Kate Matt mafs commitment ceremony
Matt Ridley and Kate Laidlaw left the experiment following the Couples Retreat. Source: Nine.

While Matt Ridley put his heart and soul (and chicken Twisties breath) into his marriage to Kate Laidlaw, the pair ended parting ways following the 2022 Couples Retreat.

After a number of weeks failing to see the good in their relationship, Kate saw a glimmer of hope for the unlikely couple. However, after a night of drunken antics, Matt took the pair back to square one, even after he selflessly apologised at the dinner party.

Still, he saw his behaviour as something he couldn’t come back from, with both him and Kate writing “leave” at the next Commitment Ceremony.

Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes

Daniel Holmes Jessica Seracino Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Despite choosing to stay, Jessica and Daniel left the show after just one week. Source: Nine.

After five minutes of newlywed bliss, intruder Jessica Seracino‘s marriage to Daniel Holmes crumbled faster than you can say “LEAVE”.

Tensions hit new heights at their honeymoon when Jessica accused Daniel of throwing a “tantrum” over a comment alluding to her future “real wedding”. Then, she shocked her fellow participants after admitting to calling her groom a “little b*tch” for being “too emotional”.

Daniel soon checked out of his MAFS-appointed marriage when he met fellow intruder Carolina, signifying the beginning of the end for him and Jessica.

Despite choosing to stay at their first Commitment Ceremony, Jessica said goodbye to the experiment just days after while Daniel stole all the YouFoodz from the fridge before shacking up in a nearby hotel while he pursued Carolina.

Anthony Cincotta and Selin Mengu

Anthony and Selin
Anthony and Selin left MAFS during the third commitment ceremony. Source: Nine

Anthony Cincotta and Selin Mengu finally pulled the plug on their dumpster fire of a relationship during the third commitment ceremony of the 2022 MAFS season.

The pair’s Married at First Sight journey was rocky AF, with their fairytale wedding quickly giving way to a toxic marriage characterised by petty spats and public dinner party feuds.

It all came to a head when Anthony asked Selin to pay for her own Maccas order (and she was NOT happy about it)!

After spending close to a month attempting to defrost his bride’s heart, Anthony revealed to the experts that he was “excited to be back with his one true love,” his daughter, and would be leaving.

Selin similarly bid the show adieu, penning: “I’m done!”

All we could say to this was: about f*cking time!

Andrew Davis and Holly Greenstein

Andrew and Holly MAFS
Andrew and Holly had a rocky relationship from early on in the experiment. Source: Nine

Andrew Davis and Holly Greenstein were the first Married at First Sight Australia 2022 couple to pack their bags.

The MAFS 2022 couple had a rocky run right from the words “I do”.

Andrew made waves online after slamming his brides’ “performance” in bed, revealing he had slept with over 350 women. he even pulled a Bryce Ruthven, writing “leave” before crossing it out and opting to “stay” at the very first commitment ceremony.

After yet another explosive argument at the second dinner party, Andrew walked off the set, never to be seen again.

Holly, however, attended the second Commitment Ceremony alone to write “leave” and say good riddance to the experiment once and for all.

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