Married at First Sight Australia 2022 intruder Jessica Seracino may be new to the experiment, but she’s by no means new to the existing brides.

Rocking up to their first-ever dinner party, Jessica and her new hubby Daniel Holmes caused quite the stir due to their shock arrival.

The brides, however, seemed over-the-top excited to see the new addition. Why? Because they’d already been introduced to Jessica at their hens night, as previously revealed by So Dramatic!.

jessica seracino married at first sight australia 2022
Jessica Seracino may be new to the experiment, but she’s by no means new to the existing brides. Source: Nine.

Why Was Jessica Seracino At The Married at First Sight Hens Night?

You might be wondering why Jessica was at the hens night, but the other intruder brides, Carolina Santos and Kate Laidlaw, weren’t.

ICYMI: Jessica was originally wed as one of the inaugural brides of the season, hence why she attended the hens’ party.

However, after her groom Simon Blackburn was outed as being a POS, he was dumped from the series. Meanwhile, Jessica was holed up in a hotel room while production scrambled to find her a new beau.

jessica seracino married at first sight australia 2022
The MAFS cast was told to act as if they’d never met Jessica Seracino before. Source: Nine.

A source revealed to So Dramatic! at the time: “Jessica returns as an intruder and is made to pretend that the first marriage never happened. She was told never to speak of it.”

However, not only was Jessica told to stay mum on her first marriage, but the other brides were forced to pretend as if they hadn’t spent a whole night getting to know her at the beginning of the season.

Following the decision to have Jessica re-enter as an intruder, the MAFS editing team had also a big job ahead editing her out of the show thus far. But some eagle-eyed viewers still managed to catch a glimpse of the second-time bride once the series went to air.

That's awkward! Fans have spotted a number of editing fails in the latest season of Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.
Jessica Seracino was still eyed at the hens’ party. Source: Nine.

Yes, The Married at First Sight Brides Were (Badly) Acting

Knowing that the brides already knew Jessica just shone a light on how god-awful their acting was upon her arrival at the dinner party.

If you listened close enough, you could even hear one contestant cry, “JESS!” as soon as she walked through the door!

However, the icing on the cake was when Samantha Moitzi was asked for her initial thoughts on the “intruder” bride.

sam al first impressions jess
Samantha Moitzi offered up her “first impression” of Jessica Seracino. Source: Nine.

“First impressions was that Jess is super gorgeous,” she told the camera. Now, Sam, is that really your first impression? Or perhaps it’s your second or third?

Jessica Seracino And Domenica Calarco’s Beef Stemmed From The Hens Night

At the first intruder dinner party, Jessica and Domenica had *words* straight off the bat.

Her ill behaviour towards hubby Daniel stuck a chord with Domenica after Jessica revealed she’d called him a “little bitch” for being “too emotional”.

Naturally, the outspoken beauty guru stood up to the new addition — but this wasn’t the first time there’d been tension between the pair.

Jessica Samantha Domenica Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Domenica (R) and Jessica reportedly had tension as soon as they met at the hens night. Source: Nine.

According to a MAFS insider, Domenica and Jessica’s beef stems from the MAFS 2022 hens night

“Dom and [Jess] butt heads badly [because] they’re both highly opinionated,” they revealed. “[Jessica] was super sassy and thought she was above everyone else.”

“Then when Jess walked in [to the dinner party] Dom was shocked to see her as she obviously thought she didn’t have to see her again.”

The source also revealed that “there was a lot of tension between them that wasn’t shown in the lead up to their fight at the dinner party”.

Apparently, not only was Jessica off-side with Domenica, but the Melburnian also rubbed the rest of the brides up the wrong way upon first meeting each other.

“A lot of the girls didn’t really like Jess at the hens. She was really bitchy and judgemental.”

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