Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Jackson Lonie has taken a leaf out of his ex Olivia Frazer‘s book, taking to Instagram with a mega “Ask Me Anything” sesh.

As the drama between the MAFS Season Nine cast flares up for what feels like the 3475th time, the TV groom has given his followers the floor and boy, did they come in hot with the nosiness.

jackson lonie instagram mafs
Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Jackson Lonie has taken to Instagram with a mega Q&A sesh. Source: Instagram.

Of course, there were questions aplenty about Domenica Calarco — whom her co-stars have slammed for hosting the MAFS-adjacent web series Doms Debrief.

One of Jackson’s followers asked whether he would “go and talk to Dom on that catch-up thing”.

After letting out a manic laugh, the 31-year-old said, “No. No, thank you.

“I’d much rather do other stuff with my time.”

A subsequent question urged him to elaborate on his thoughts about Nine’s new online show before Jackson dubbed it “stupid”.

However, he did acknowledge that the “concept” could have worked well.

“I just think the way that they’ve gone about doing it is a bit silly,” he said, “Wouldn’t you just get somebody who would wanna catch up with everybody, that’s like neutral with everyone, likes everyone?”

The Melbourne local went on to suggest Al Perkins as a potential host, a name that’s been thrown around by several of his co-stars in the past.

“He would be a p*sser,” Jackson admitted. “If he did that, I reckon more people would watch it. It’d be entertaining.

“Where it looks like they’ve just kinda gone for the drama route and tried to exclude half the cast, I guess.”

Married at First Sight‘s Jackson Lonie Responds to Carolina Santos’ Claims He Uses Steroids

In a bizarre twist amid all the post-Team Ellis boxing match drama, Carolina Santos (A.K.A one of Olivia’s besties) hit out at Jackson, suggesting he needed to be taken in for steroid testing.

This baffled many fans, with some taking to the ‘gram to ask the reality star about the “mean” comment.

Jackson responded to Carolina Santos’ comments about him needing to be drug tested. Source: Nine.

“Yeah, I did see this,” Jackson said with a laugh. “I don’t know what to say.”

Noting that Carolina “obviously thinks [he] looks really good”, he said he was taking the comment “as a compliment”.

“So, cheers!”

Jackson Lonie Says “Never Say Never” to Getting Back with Olivia Frazer

The circumstances surrounding Jackson and Olivia’s relationship have remained a ‘lil murky since their August split.

However, Jackson said rekindling things isn’t off the cards after a fan pondered their reunion.

“Look, you never say never, but not at this point,” he said candidly. “We’re just friends, and I think we’re just happy being friends.”

He also let slip that he’s “been on a couple of dates” since their breakup — which we totally already knew thanks to some A+ So Dramatic! spies.

But don’t get your hopes up on Jackson debuting a new relo anytime soon because he said that the dates haven’t been “too serious”.

“If the right person came and added value to my life, then definitely, I’d jump into a relationship. But I’m not putting pressure on it,” he confessed.

“I believe everything happens for a reason, so I’m sure she’ll pop up when the time’s right.”

Jackson Lonie Reveals Who He Wants to Fight Next In His Instagram Q&A

Following his boxing win against Married at First Sight 2021 groom Sam Carraro on October 15, fans are hotly anticipating the groom’s next match.

Several names have been thrown into the ring (pun absolutely intended), though none are as side-splitting as one, in particular, that was left in Jackson’s question box.

“Next fight… John Aiken,” one fan said of the MAFS expert.

Jackson’s response? “Hahaha… YES!”

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