Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has spilled bulk tea about the show and her co-stars in an epically long Instagram Story.

The Season Nine cast of the marriage experiment has come back in full force following the October 15 Team Ellis boxing match, with feuds reigniting and a sh*t-ton of drama unfolding on the ‘gram.

Taking to social media on October 19, Olivia teased that she wanted to “let loose and call some people out” via a Q&A — A.K.A the bread and butter (and the gift that keeps giving) for MAFS participants.

“Let’s go while I’m unfiltered,” the 29-year-old said, admittedly “two and a half” glasses of wines deep.

olivia frazer mafs tea instagram
Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has spilled bulk tea about the show and her co-stars. Source: Instagram.

Naturally, there was a BUNCH of questions about Domenica Calarco, who is well-known for her ongoing feud with the controversial bride.

However, Olivia alleged that she attempted once put their rivalry to rest once and for all.

Asked whether Domenica was still barred from her social media, the TV bride said she “unblocked Domenica months ago”.

What Was Said Between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco Behind Closed Doors?

“We have had a private conversation. I did try to sort things out and be like, ‘Let’s not be women pitted against each other, which she had no interest in,” Olivia said.

“I was like, ‘Let’s not speak about it to the public anymore’. She had no interest in that either. I am the one that’s tried to make peace.

“Don’t come at me with these sorts of comments because I have tried to be the bigger person many, many, many times.”

dom olivia married at first sight
Olivia spoke in length about her feud with Domenica Calarco. Source: Nine.

Another fan then urged Olivia to leak the conversation between the two reality stars. However, she declined to do so because Domenica “asked [her] not to share it”.

Olivia Frazer Said Domenica Calarco Would Make Fun of Carolina Santos’ Speech

Amid the unforgettable glass-smashing scandal, Domenica called out Olivia for denigrating her voice as “loud”, further implying that there were racial undertones given her Italian heritage.

Now, Olivia has said she shouldn’t be the one to be dubbed “xenophobic” when her co-star exhibited similar behaviour.

“Ever think if you never involved urself [sic] in Carolina [Santos] and Dom’s feud, you could have avoided all this?” someone questioned the bride.

carolina mafs
Olivia claimed that Domenica was “xenophobic” towards Carolina Santos. Source: Nine.

“Would you sit back and see somebody make fun of an individual whose first language isn’t English?” she responded, referring to Carolina’s Brazilian upbringing. “Because that’s exactly what happened.

“Dom was coming for Carolina for fumbling her English… And yet Dom calls me xenophobic. Just saying.”

Olivia Frazer Reckons Ella Ding Sent Paparazzi to Scope Out Tamara Djordjevic and Mitch Eynaud

Olivia also gave her two cents worth on Domenica’s bestie Ella Ding, whom she confessed she “always liked”.

“Although I thought she was a bit dim, I thought she was an alright person,” she said.

“But then when she sent paparazzi to Tamara [Djordejvic]‘s place of work and Tamara’s address to see if Tamara and Mitch [Eynaud] were hanging out, I was like, ‘That’s not cool’.”

One follower then asked if Ella had blocked Olivia, who revealed that she was the one to block the Melburnian.

“Because when I did get my Instagram back, the MAFS social media team was like, ‘What do you want?'” she recalled. “And I was like, ‘I want Dom and Ella [blocked] because f*ck them b*tches [sic]’.”

Olivia later clarified how she knew about the paparazzi stakeout, ‘fessing up that the photographers were the ones to admit that Ella passed on Tamara’s details.

“They outed her.”

Olivia Frazer Calls Out Abbie Chatfield for Involving Herself In MAFS Drama

Many Married at First Sight 2022 contestants have hit out at Abbie Chatfield recently after she called them “jealous” for slamming Domenica’s new MAFS-adjacent web series, Dom’s Debrief.

This includes Olivia, who reiterated her stance during the Q&A when asked her thoughts on the TV star’s comments.

“Abbie has no idea what she’s talking about,” she said. “She wasn’t a cast member on our show. She wasn’t behind the scenes. She has no idea what she’s talking about.”

She then said that “uneducated people should probably stay in their lane”. Ouch.

Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer Details the Demise of Her Relationship with Jackson Lonie

A fan asked the Central Coast local whether she missed an unnamed man, presumably Jackson Lonie, whom she split with in August.

“If you’re talking about Jackson, then yeah, every day, all the time,” she said. “It’s relentless.”

She then went deep on what ACTUALLY happened between her and Jackson.

**CONTENT WARNING: The following discusses self-harm and suicide and may be distressing for some readers.

Olivia captioned the clip by giving a trigger warning to her fans: “MAFS made me want to unalive [sic] myself. It’s their fault I had these feelings.”

olivia frazer instagram q&a
Olivia described the impact MAFS had on her relationship. Source: Instagram.

“In reality, I think that MAFS made me so not okay in the head,” she said. “Bottom line is, when you’re freshly into a relationship, your partner should not be the reason that you’re not [graphic content removed], which is exactly what Jackson was.

“I didn’t want him to come home and find my body, and I think that’s too much pressure to put on a relationship that’s six months in.”

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In a subsequent slide, someone asked who was the one to call time on Jackson and Olivia’s romance.

“It was honestly both,” the former teaching student said. “He was unhappy. I was unhappy.”

She also revealed that they mutually felt “exhausted” off the back of the show, which forced the duo to “call it”.

“We just agreed; that’s all it was,” Olivia continued. “There’s nothing salacious to say about it.”

Jackson Lonie Was the One Constantly Going Up Against Domenica Calarco During MAFS

Taking to the question box, fans were curious whether Olivia thought Jackson was affected by “the drama [she] involved herself in” on the show.

However, the TV “villain” was quick to unveil that Jackson was just as involved in the theatrics as she was.

“Let me put it this way… at that Commitment Ceremony when I called Domenica a ‘bully’, I was the third person to speak out,” she confessed.

She then went on to say that Cody Bromley was the first to put the participant in her place after “she was going hard on Carolina”.

“Cody spoke out to a resounding sigh of relief from most of the cast because everyone was sick of her sh*t.”

After Cody, it was Jackson who came down hard on Domenica, something Olivia said was a common theme during filming.

“Jackson was actually the one going toes with her most of the time because he was sick of her sh*t,” she admitted.

“I just like, finished it.”

Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer Claims She Didn’t “Antagonise” Domenica Calarco About Her Sex Life

Fans will remember that fateful Couples Retreat during MAFS 2022, during which Domenica expressed she wasn’t fulfilled with her and Jack Millar‘s sex life.

married at first sight jack dom
Olivia doesn’t think she “antagonised” Domenica when she was having problems with Jack Millar at the Married at First Sight Couples Retreat. Source: Nine.

While viewers saw Olivia take this on board and “boast” about her and Jackson’s sex life, she reckons it was taken TOTALLY out of context. Go figure!

“You guys missed a lot of that night,” Olivia suggested. “There were about two hours before things escalated into a fight.”

According to the MAFS star, she was “craving some girl time” after being couped up with Jackson for several months, and it was a “massive conversation” in which all the brides spoke about their romantic escapades.

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“It wasn’t me twisting the knife trying to antagonise Dom,” she concluded, but not before adding: “You also missed about 40 minutes of Domenica antagonising everyone at the table.”

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