The Block Australia 2022 winners have been predicted, and we’re kinda shocked that a house with that much plaid actually pulled out a victory.

That’s right, the somewhat divisive couple, Sarah-Jane Wilson and Tom Calleja are expected to win big on auction day during the show’s first-ever regional season with their “modern country” design.

According to bookmakers Sportsbet and TAB, who have them sitting at $2.62 nd $2.25 respectively, House One is the clear favourite to win.

The Block 2022‘s Sarah-Jane Wilson and Tom Calleja are predicted to win The Block 2022. Source: Nine.

While they may be clear victors now, earlier in the season, the online punters had a very different prediction.

In August, double-threat team Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath seemed to have the win in the bag.

They’ve now been demoted to second place, with odds of $3.75 on Sportsbet. However, TAB reckons there’s no chance of a win for the Gold Coast couple with odds of $5.

dylan jenny the block
In August, double-threat team Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath seemed to have the win in the bag. They’re now in second place. Source: Nine.

Both betting sites can’t decide between Rachel and Ryan Carr or Omar Slaimankhel and Osman “Oz” Malik for the middle-of-the-road odds, with Sportsbet giving them both odds of $4.50, while TAB is at $4.

But no matter who you ask, Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra are coming in dead last. Ooft!

rachel ryan the block 2022
Late-starters Rachel and Ryan Carr have odds between $4.00 to $4.50. Source: Nine.

The Block 2022 Winners Are Yet to Be Officially Decided

While it’s all well and good to state that Sarah-Jane and Tom will (probs) take out the win, take their winners’ status with a grain of salt.

As per every other season of The Block, the eventual champions will be whichever team earns the most money over their home’s reserve price on auction day, which at the time of publication, is yet to go under the hammer.

omar oz the block
Omar Slaimankhel and Osman “Oz” Malik have the same odds as Rachel and Ryan. Source: Nine.

In 2021, returnee contestants Mitch Edwards and Mark Mckie won the series after their home fetched $4,044,444.44 at auction. Insane!

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