Big Brother Australia season 14 only just wrapped on July 12 but fans are already sharing exactly what they’re hoping to see on the show in 2023.

While Network Seven haven’t formally announced the show’s return, OG Tim Dormer shared insider knowledge on his podcast that Big Brother would be returning next year.

tim estelle reggie big brother
Big Brother Australia season 14 only just wrapped but fans are already sharing exactly what they’re hoping to see next year. Pictured: 2022 OGs Reggie Bird, Estelle Landy and Tim Dormer with newbie Gabbie Keevill. Source: Seven

After viewers complained about this year’s format (with some optimistically launching a petition), So Dramatic! decided it was time to scour the interwebs to find out exactly what real fans want to see for the future of Big Brother Australia.

The OG Housemates That Big Brother Australia Fans Want to See in 2023

While the casting call hasn’t been sent out for the next batch of newbies, Big Brother fans have big ideas on which faves should return in 2023.

big brother tim ben from brisbane
Majority of fans agree they want to see “Ben From Brisbane” return to the Big Brother house. Source: Seven

It’s unlikely that big names like Chrissie Swan or Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald will return. Yet, numerous other fan favourites haven’t made their second appearance on Big Brother Australia (yet).

From earlier seasons, the names that popped up the most on BB forums were Sara-Maree Fedele and Blair McDonough.

There numerous fan favourites who could make their second appearance on Big Brother Australia. Source: Facebook

If we’re talking about more recent Big Brother seasons (10 to 13), Skye Wheatley, Danny Hayes and Ben “From Brisbane” Zabel are all major hopes for avid fans.

One r/BBAU user predicted an “All-Star” season made up of only “new era” returning housemates. And well, that’s a choice IG!

new era big brother housemates
Other fans predicted an “All-Star” season made up of only “new era” returning housemates. Source: Reddit

One of the more bizarre suggestions was to “bring back all of the people who got sent home first”. So uh, Big Brother Losers season?

Fans Want More Former Reality TV Couples in the Big Brother House Next Year

Fans were seemingly inspired after seeing Tully Smyth and Anthony “Drew” Drew reunite (if you could call it that), hoping for more former BB couples to return.

Across numerous Facebook fan pages, Nathan “Marty” Martin and Jess Hardy‘s names popped up as top contenders for 2023.

marty jess big brother
Nathan “Marty” Martin and Jess Hardy’s names popped up as top contenders for 2023. Source: Ten

They were one of Australia’s first iconic reality TV couples after meeting on Big Brother in 2002. Two years later, they had their spin-off show Marty & Jess: An Outback Wedding.

But much to the heartbreak of their fans, Marty and Jess announced their divorce in 2005, after just 15 months of marriage.

Fans Are Hoping To Ditch Sonia Kruger and See a (Not So) New Big Brother Australia Host in 2023

Despite her Logie Award nomination, host Sonia Kruger has fallen out of favour with many fans.

While some were just ready to see her leave, others were hoping it would herald the return of former host and comedian Gretel Killeen.

OG Housemate Farmer Dave Hits Back at Fans Who Said Big Brother 2022 Was Scripted and had Low Ratings

On Facebook, Big Brother fans questioned whether the show would return next year, due to low ratings, with some claiming they would this season was “scripted”.

OG housemate Dave “Farmer Dave” Graham was quick to deny the claims, telling the Facebook user they were “speaking out” of their “arse, mate”.

He continued: “No one gave me a script and I was on it… and the ratings were actually great for the network. Let’s be honest it was a great show, with some awesome twists great characters and a format the works in the modern world of network TV. [sic]”

You tell ’em Dave!

Has Ben From Brisbane Confirmed He Will Return To Big Brother Australia in 2023?

Commenting on a So Dramatic! Facebook post about his rumoured return, Ben From Brisbane gave us a little insight on what it would take to get him back in the Big Brother house.

ben from brisbane big brother
Ben From Brisbane responded to So Dramatic!. Source: Facebook

“I’m only returning if there’s a pool,” Ben joked.

Since we haven’t heard any plans about moving locations from the 2022 Big Brother house, it sounds like fans (and Ben) are in luck!

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