Big Brother 2022 evictee Tully Smyth revealed she was nervous about how her body would be perceived by the Australian public after nine years.

The reality star-turned-influencer told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was concerned her body would be “pulled apart on social media,” because she had aged over the last decade. You know, like all human beings do.

“I see me first thing in the morning and my bags are down near my nose and they’re dark, and my skin looks saggy,” the 37-year-old admitted.

“I was so worried people would be talking about, ‘Oh my god, she’s put on weight, she’s fatter in the face, she’s aged, got lines on her face’,” Tully said, explaining she still struggled with self-confidence.

Tully received a lot of hate when she first appeared on the show in 2013. She told the Shameless podcast in 2019 that the production team had put her on a suicide watch after the show aired because they were concerned about the backlash.

Big Brother Australia’s Tully Smyth Revealed What It Is Like Seeing Yourself on TV

Tully found it difficult to not critique her own looks while watching the show each week because she had “no control” over what was shown.

“With the social media images they supply us to help promote the show, I very rarely like any of them,” she said, despite some photos being edited before publication.

Tully has made a private Instagram account, explaining she was working on showing her authentic self on social media rather than an Instagram fantasy because “real life is not always sparkly and shiny”.

Her main account is still also active.

Tully Smyth Criticised Big Brother Australia’s Editing of Her “Meltdowns”

Tully was also heavily targeted for showing emotion on the show on social media and during filming by housemates.

She was regularly dubbed as “Hurricane Tully” on both her seasons of the show and when she cried, it was frequently labelled as a “meltdown”.

During the June 20 episode of the show – the same day she was evicted – Tully was called out for being the “biggest winger” in the house.

Tully, fans of the show and fellow OG Estelle Landy have all criticised the misogynistic portrayals on social media.

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