With the Big Brother Australia 2022 bringing back former lovebirds Tully Smyth and Anthony “Drew” Drew into the fold, the question on everyone’s lips is WTAF will happen with them?

Now, host Sonia Kruger has revealed that she is “excited” to see the pair in the same house, because frankly, like a lot of exes, they have a f*ckload of “unfinished business”.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle recently, Sonia admitted she was a little “obsessed” over their relationship.

“Tully and Drew, I’m a little bit obsessed with their relationship because they fell in love in front of us ten years ago,” she told the outlet. “I think their relationship on the outside has been on-again, off-again for the last ten years.

“But to me, there’s something unfinished there between the two of them.”

In 2013, Tully and Drew entered the Big Brother Australia house. While Drew was a single pringle, Tully was, well, not.

However, after romance blossomed between the pair, Tully left the house and exited her relationship with girlfriend Tahlia Farrant, allowing the pair to officially start dating.

Tully and Drew, 2013
Tully and Drew met on the set of Big Brother Australia 2013. Source: Instagram.

As for this year, the pair will absolutely be in the house together — which is cause for concern for Sam Manovski — who has already been teased as a new love interest for Drew.

Dubbed a “bit of a rollercoaster”, Big Brother OG Tim Dormer wastes no time telling Tully that Drew already has a new lovah. Because as we all know, Tim had a bromance with Drew in the original house and then was left behind when #Drully happened!

“Tim gleefully informs her that Drew has a new girlfriend. And Tully can’t quite believe it, because she’s like, how does he manage that in a matter of days?” Sonia told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“Without giving away the game, let’s just say it’s a bit of a roller coaster.”

Big Brother Australia’s Love Triangle

Trailers for the upcoming season teased the love triangle with one insider dishing to So Dramatic! before the series premiered, exactly what went down when the former flames reunited in the house.

Revealing that Drew enters the house before Tully, the source said he “hooks up” with “one of the new random contestants”.

“Then they released Tully into the house a week later as a late edition,” they spilled. “Tully walks in, and Drew has already found himself a girlfriend in week one.”

The new contestant is, of course, Sam, and apparently, Tully is “ropable” at the new pairing.

“She was literally shaking when she found out,” they said.

Tully’s Behaviour On Big Brother: Back to the Future Is “Pathetic”

Recalling Tully and Drew’s reunion, the source described the pair as having a “toxic little thing going on”.

“Drew is never single for long and he’s a true narcissist, so he won’t ever let Tully go,” they said, adding: “[Tully] is undyingly obsessed with him.

“She is so possessive, codependent on him.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

After learning about Drew’s new fling, the influencer reportedly “isolates” Sam.

“It’s pathetic high school bullying at its finest,” the insider spilled.

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