Big Brother Australia 2022‘s first evicted housemate Josh Goudswaard has slammed the show on Instagram for a second time since he was booted from the house less than a week ago.

“I actually can’t watch any more of this season because I feel like it was a total character assassination on Mel (Todd) and myself,” the former model explained on his Instagram Story on the weekend.

“I mean they just made me out as a villain. I am crazy but I am also really compassionate.”

big brother 2022 josh
Josh said the show was “total character assassination.” Source: Seven.

He did, however, admit that he “was one of the bullies in the house,” and wow, you don’t say?

Josh added that he was so pissed about his “villain” edit that he plans to speak up about it at the show’s live finale. We can not wait for this drama!

“At finale, they think they are going to gag me. F*cking try,” he vented, adding that he’s “not a doormat” and can “stand up for himself.”


big brother josh
Josh threatened to speak out at the Big Brother finale. Source: Instagram @dangerous_gouds.

Last Week Josh Spilled Some MAJOR Tea About His Big Brother Edit

This is not the first time Josh has slammed Big Brother online. He took to the platform last week only a day after his eviction, claiming that “the edit” was not a true reflection of what went down between him and housemate Sam Manovski.

“They made me look like a psychopath on Big Brother,Josh told his followers on Wednesday, the day following his TV ousting.

“Not wrong, I mean, so what? I got multiple personalities,” he joked. “But you know it’s a rigged show when all of us get voted off on the same night.”

Ummm, sorry? Everyone evicted at once? Watchu mean?

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“I think the thing I am truly annoyed about is the edit though. It stitched it together as if Sam and I were a one-off Tinder date, which we weren’t.

“She says in the episode before, we were on again and off again for six years.”

Josh’s outburst comes the morning after Abbie Chatfield called out Big Brother for “franken-biting” the former model, in which editors cut and paste his words to make it seem as though he has said something that he hasn’t.

Josh Drops a Bombshell About Former Flame Sam Manovski

Josh’s confusing AF connection to Sam was the subject of many netizens’ jokes during his short-lived stay in the Big Brother house.

It appeared as though they didn’t know each other that well. However, Josh has dropped a MAJOR bombshell.

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone,” Josh said of the tea. “But f*ck it — they made me look like a psycho.”

“I hustled Big Brother to put Sam on the show,” he claimed. “They said ‘what can we do to get you on the show?’… I said ‘put Sam on the show so we can hang out’.”

O. M. G.

big brother josh and sam
Josh claimed that he bargained with producers to get Sam Manovski on Big Brother. Source: Seven.

“I bounced the idea off Sam, she said ‘brilliant’… then I’m like ‘cool, let’s pretend we don’t know each other and go make some hell of TV’.”

“I didn’t realise I was going to be used as a doormat, a f*cking stepping stone.”

josh big brother australia 2022
Josh reckons Sam used him as a stepping stone to get onto the show. Source: Seven.

We’re only two episodes down on Big Brother Australia 2022 and there is already MAJOR tea… We can’t deal!

However, one question hangs in the lurch: did Josh really use his bargaining power to get Sam on Big Brother with him? Or, is he pulling a Kanye at the 2008 Grammys and simply trying to take credit for someone else’s career?

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