In 2021, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Australia delivered the most dismal ratings the franchise had EVER seen, and for this reason, this year, there’s set to be a f*ck ton of WILD AF changes.

As reported in episode 183 of the So Dramatic! podcast, bosses over at Warner Bros. and Ten are reinvigorating the franchise with some YUGE additions.

After months of interviewing, interrogating and investigating, host Megan Pustetto compiled all of the massive surprises we have in store.

So, scroll down to see what we can expect from The Bachelor Australia 2022.

There Will Be THREE Bachelors In 2022

Ok, so this is massive news! As we know, Network Ten announced on May 23 that there will in fact be THREE Bachelors this year.

While So Dramatic! had already exclusively revealed that Felix Von HofeThomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh would be our frontmen for the upcoming season, we finally heard it from the bachelors themselves.

Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh are the new Bachelors Australia 2022. Source: Ten.

There Will Be No Red Carpet, Just First Dates

Farewell to the awks red carpet montage, because in 2022, the Bachelors will meet their new baes on a first date!

“[It’s] kinda like the First Dates scenario,” one source told So Dramatic! “The contestants will have an actual one-on-one date with the Bachelor before going to the mansion.”

According to the same source, the suitors get to decide on where the date will be and what they will be doing together, and they can choose to go ANYWHERE in the country! WTAF!

jimmy holly final date
Rather than the red carpet arrivals, suitors take the Bachelor on a date, and they can go anywhere in the country! Source: Ten.

Producers have been asking contestants to come up with the date idea themselves,” the source dished. “Nothing is off-limits — they just ask that it shows off their personality.

“It’s a chance for them to show the Bachelor who they are and what they’re all about and to see if they have a genuine connection or chemistry together,” they added.

Bachelors spending quality time with their potential boo? We LOVE to see it!

abbie chatfield the bachelor fat-shaming
The Bachelors will be able to spend quality time with their dates before inviting them into the mansion. Source: Ten.

In another twist, the suitors can also pull out of the running, meaning they can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to going into the mansion.

The Bachelor can also choose not to invite their date to the house if he’s not “vibing” her, and frankly, this sounds absolutely BONKERS!

darvid first date the bachelorette
The suitors can opt-out of going into the mansion if they are not “vibing” the Bachelor. Source: Ten.

The First Dates Were Filmed Over Seven Days

As reported in episode 186 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the dates were filmed across seven days.

According to a sneaky insider, the three guys were doing “four to five dates per day, all over Australia” — however, mainly in Sydney and on the Gold Coast.

“The Bachelors had to fly to 2-3 different states each day,” the source dished. “Each girl only got to spend a maximum of 20 mins with their Bachelor in a speed dating format.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The source also revealed that the contestants entered the new and improved Bachelor mansion on May 23, with each guy choosing six to eight women. Sounds like Farmer Wants a Wife if you ask us!

Oh, and there are also going to be intruders at some point. Fingers crossed, the girls try to switch Bachie babes too — then maybe it will be worth watching

The Bachelor Is Introducing Fantasy Suites

In a bid to shake up the series, the new season of The Bachelor will be introducing a popular US franchise addition — the fantasy suite!

For those of you who don’t know what that is, the final three contestants get to stay the night with the Bachelor or Bachelorette. And, as a bonus, they can have sex if they want to.

Normal behaviour for when you have been dating someone for three months, right?

A very well-placed source told So Dramatic! that her BFF auditioned for the show and “made it through to the next round”.

“Best news! This year there will be fantasy suites!” they said. “The producers probed her re: her sex life for this season. Thought you might like to know.”

Yes, thank you. We do want to know!

Casting and Filming Is a Little Different This Year

Unlike previous years when filming of The Bachelor started in March, a source has revealed that filming will begin on May 15, with the first dates being filmed all over Australia during that week.

As for casting — which began in January this year, “single women and men between the ages of 21 and 50” were invited to apply. Wait, does this mean a bi-Bachelor??

And in 2022, it seemed like casting producers were despo for a lot of new candidates due to the new format!

Over the last few months, Warner Bros have posted a number of call-outs on social media and on top of that, have been emailing people asking them to apply!

Casting producers have been emailing people asking them to apply for The Bachelor Australia 2022. Source: Supplied.

Once they fine-tuned their list of victims candidates, they then held a casting call on April 5 and we managed to get our hands on the official email!

Casting for The Bachelor began on April 5 on the Gold Coast. Source: Supplied.

“Dress as if you are going for a lunch with the girls. Something that represents you & your personality! [sic]” the email read. Sounds fun!

There Will Be NO Bachelorette Season In 2022

Now, THIS is a “bombshell” that needed a drum roll!

According to a source, production is doing just ONE mega-size Bachelor season instead. Does this mean they’re hoping for double the ratings in one go?!

brooke blurton
There will not be a Bachelorette season in 2022. Source: Ten.

There’s a Brand-New Mansion and Filming Location

Say au revoir to Le Chateau, because now that filming has been moved to the Gold Coast, we’re also getting a hot new mansion!

One source got in touch with So Dramatic! and revealed that they know the owner of the new home where the series will be filmed.

“It was listed on Airbnb and the producers reached out to hire it for filming,” they said. “15 people stayed in that house for a week or so, to set up lighting and cameras for the series.”

bachelorette season 2021
Filming of the rumoured joint season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Australia will begin filming in March 2022. Source: Ten.

No doubt the pics from the official listing are dated, which makes sense since the property was last sold in 2016 for $1.72 million.

Located in Helensvale in QLD, it is a large waterfront luxury home with resort-style facilities.

bachelor mansion 2022
An outside view of the brand-new Bachelor Australia mansion. Source: Supplied.

Peep inside the new mansion here!

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