If cocktail parties, drama, and roses are your thing, then you might be interested in applying to be on the next season of The Bachelor Australia.

For those who are looking to find a connection with the next Jimmy Nicholson or Brooke Blurton, this could be the beginning of your very own love story!

Or if you wanted to simply bump up your Instagram followers and get that prestigious blue tick next to your name, this could also be your time to shine. We’re not judging!

The Bachelor Australia‘s official casting call asks for: “Single Women and Men between the ages of 23-40.” So if you’re in that age bracket that’s a good start.

Another important note to consider before applying is that you will need to be available between May to July of 2022 with filming possibly taking up to 12 weeks.

What To Expect When Applying For The Bachelor Australia

Applying to be on a reality show is no quick process so strap yourself in!

To start with, you will be asked to provide all very basic personal information, as well as your cultural background, height and your sexual orientation.

Bachelorette cast 2021
Find yourself on the next season of The Bachelor Australia with either the love of your life, a blue tick or if you’re lucky, both. Source: Channel 10.

You also have to provide any social accounts you may have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. The first step towards a blue tick.

After the first page, it starts to get into some more extensive questions about your, ah, clothing. Weird, but sure.

The next pages of the application delve into questions about your profile, employment, family/friends, and relationships.

The Type Of Questions Asked When Applying For The Bachelor Australia

Then, if you make it that far through the application, kudos to you — but there’s more.

Next, you will be asked questions about what you are looking for in a future partner. What you’re looking for in life, as well as providing your medical background.

Finally, you will get to questions relating to the show and be asked to upload photos and videos of yourself for so the casting crew can get a better sense of who you are, and obviously what you look like.

Best of luck to you if you apply and strap in because there is rumoured to be a big shake-up for the 2022 season!

You can apply for The Bachelor here.

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