There are quite a few My Mum, Your Dad Australia 2022 couples who appeared to be going strong during the show’s (admittedly short) run, but we absolutely need to know if they’re still together.

Fan faves Kristy Woodruff and Shane Smith have been shooting each other heart-eyes since day dot, while other couples like Heath Langdon and intruder Michelle Jackson took a while to pick up steam.

The inaugural season of My Mum, Your Dad was likely filmed early in 2022, so the (newly not single) parents have had time to settle into their relationships in the real world.

my mum your dad kristy shane still together engaged
We absolutely NEED to know which My Mum, Your Dad couples are still together. Source: Nine.

So, who has lasted outside the retreat?

Heath Langdon and Michelle Jackson

Heath had been holding on by the skin of his teeth throughout the show, failing to make a meaningful connection with any of the available mums.

But the firefighter soon fell head over heels for intruder Michelle, who he described as the “love of his life”.

Too soon? Definitely. Heartwarming? Absolutely. Too much for Michelle? It appears so. Are they still together? A firm no.

How do we know? Instagram has given us all the answers.

heath michelle my mum your dad
Firefighter Heath Langdon soon fell head over heels for Michelle Jackson, who he described as the “love of his life”. Source: Nine.

Heath hasn’t posted anything to do with My Mum, Your Dad, apart from changing his profile picture (which is probs a requirement for contestants).

Heath has also tellingly changed his Instagram bio to read simply: “#StillSingle” – so there’s our confirmation things didn’t work out between them, we guess?

And while Michelle follows almost the entire cast on Instagram, Heath only follows a select few.

Shane, Darren Lucas and Mel Gousteris were among the few who made the final cut for Heath, but Michelle and (surprisingly) Kristy weren’t on his following list.

heath followers instagram my mum your dad 2022
Heath only follows a few of the cast members. Source: Instagram.

Kristy also doesn’t follow Heath or Michelle, and we’re sensing some major BFFR (Best Friends From the Retreat) drama.

But that’s not all! While Michelle does follow Heath, she’s been hesitant to put him in her Instagram feed.

She didn’t tag her potential beau in the one couple snap that she posted. She did tag the My Mum, Your Dad Insta account, however.

Meanwhile, she tagged Neil McIntosh when she posted a photo of them together from an earlier episode. Very suspicious!

Finally, Michelle’s daughter Chloe doesn’t follow Heath or his son Haydn on Instagram, despite tagging him in several pics. Haydn hasn’t allowed any of the tagged posts to show on his account, either. Ooft!

Darren Lucas and Petula Seath

Darren and Petula Seath were surprisingly going from strength to strength on My Mum, Your Dad, but they faced the major IRL hurdle of living on opposite sides of the country.

While Petula mentioned her plans to move to Melbourne (where Darren lives), she was seemingly still based in Karratha in October. Her psychic medium business, Sage Divine, is also still located in the Western Australian city.

However, she’s one of the few stars who have shared screengrabs of her potential partner on their own — as well as mutually following each other on the ‘gram.

Darren Lucas and Petula Seath went from strength to strength on My Mum, Your Dad. Source: Nine.

Even if they’re not still together, it appears Darren and Petula are one of the few My Mum, Your Dad couples still on good terms. The same goes for Petula and Darren’s daughter, Tess Lucas.

While many of the kids have interacted with each others’ social media posts about the show, Tess went the extra mile to comment on several of Petula’s posts from before My Mum, Your Dad aired. Darren can also be spotted liking many of her posts.

In late May, Petula also spent a luxury Sunday morning in Melbourne, according to her Instagram. Was she meeting up with her long-distance beau?

Conveniently, the post came several days after Darren celebrated his birthday at Bar Bambi in Melbourne (a regular hangout spot for reality stars, including Love Island Australia’s Layla John and Anna McEvoy).

Unfortunately, as reported in episode 232 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a friend of the single dad seems to have a different perspective on Darren’s relationship status.

“I’m friends with Darren and have met Tess through him, who is amazing,” they confessed, adding: “I can tell you he’s definitely single now.” Quel dommage!

Darren’s Facebook also suggests that he’s single, even though he’s clearly used the account since My Mum, Your Dad started airing.

Darren lucas single my mum your dad
Darren’s Facebook indicates he is single. Source: Facebook.

However, Petula’s recent chat with So Dramatic! hinted otherwise.

The 50-year-old admitted that she was “told” through her psychic abilities that she would meet a man through the show with a sign of the colour blue. And guess who walked in with a blue suit?

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The second Darren arrived (as we saw during Episode One), Petula thought to herself: “Oh my God! That’s him!”

We need a reunion episode to figure this one out ASAP!

Roe Owens and Carole Haddad

We absolutely love Carole Haddad‘s tenacity, but yeah, her romance with Roe Owens was never going to work out.

It was glaringly obvious to everybody watching (including Carole’s daughter Pricilla Tarabay) that Roe was a major player and wasn’t interested in a relationship with the hairdresser.

This has only been confirmed by their social media presence (or lack thereof).

Carole and Roe don’t follow each other on Instagram. Not to mention, all of the former basketballer’s recent posts have had weirdly pointed messages.

roe carole my mum your dad
We love Carole Haddad’s tenacity but her relationship with Roe Owens didn’t look hopeful. Source: Nine.

“Anything less than love, vibez or happiness just isn’t for me,” he wrote in one caption, tagging #mymumyourdad, #sorrynotsorry and #yup.

In another post, he wrote: “Everyone not meant to understand you, appreciate the ones who make the effort to understand [sic]”.

In a photo from his time on My Mum, Your Dad 2022, Roe wrote: “Does it look like I’m playing with you? Respect!”

Alrighty, then!

Kristy Woodruff and Shane Smith

Yeah, we absolutely saved the best for last. Not that we don’t love every couple on My Mum, Your Dad, but come on… Shane and Kristy are so goddamn cute together!

Luckily for anybody who still wants to believe in love, the lovebirds still look like they’re going strong.

First things first, Shane and Kristy follow each other on social media, as do their respective kids, Kayla Smith and Milli Woodruff.

my mum your dad kristy shane still together engaged
It seems like Kristy Woodruff and Shane Smith are still going strong! Source: Nine.

The 2022 golden couple’s Instagram captions on My Mum, Your Dad pics are also majorly affectionate. Kristy described Shane as her “main squeeze”, while the latter captioned a similar post, “Yogi and Boo Boo”.

Meanwhile, Kayla still comments on Kristy’s posts, calling her “smoking hot”. Does THAT make her step-mum material?

Milli also has multiple posts describing Kayla as a sister figure on her personal account. Why are they all so cute?!

Kayla also follows Milli’s hairstylist business account. We love supportive friends/sisters!

Delving a little deeper, we also noticed that Shane also flew to Melbourne in October, perhaps to visit Kristy.

We even spotted Kristy celebrating a Hen’s Night in early November, and wait… is it HER Bachelorette Party?!

This photo certainly seems to indicate so…

OMG! A MMYD WEDDING!! Best news ever!!

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