It’s no secret that My Mum Your Dad Australia 2022’s Petula Seath is a psychic medium; however, she has now revealed that she predicted her “connection” with Darren Lucas “weeks” before going on The Retreat.

In an interview with So Dramatic!, the 50-year-old admitted that she was “told” that she would meet a man through the show with a sign of the colour blue.

“I felt that I was going to make a connection,” she admitted. “And I knew that there was going to be a man, and the colour blue kept coming out. Then he came down and around the corner in his blue suit.”

The second Darren arrived (as we saw during Episode One), Petula thought to herself: “Oh my God! That’s him!

“That was what instantly popped into my head.”

While the mum-of-three then “knew” about him, she didn’t know “how” their story “was going to unfold”.

“I choose not to know how it’s [life is] going to unfold,” Petula said of her abilities. “I don’t want to be that person who reads the last page of a book; I want to enjoy every chapter.”

Petula Seath Admitted Her Connection With Darren Lucas Grew Stronger After She “Read” Him

During one of their first one-on-one encounters, Petula brought through Darren’s father, who had passed away a few years earlier.

She provided accurate information, including that his only communication was eye-fluttering at the end of his life and that he died near “his birthday or a celebration”.

It turned out that Darren’s father died around his birthday, just after Christmas.

“He keeps saying, ‘I wanted to die with dignity. I wanted to die with dignity,'” Petula told him before Darren, struggling to speak, said that his father had told them that during their final conversation.

For Petula, bringing this gift to Darren strengthened their bond.

“For Darren and I, we didn’t plan it; I didn’t think that that was going to happen,” the former lawyer said. “Because how my stuff works is; I can be conversing with somebody, and if that person starts asking questions or the conversation goes down a path, then information starts coming through.

“So at that moment, he was talking about it and BAM, his dad just came through. I’d only met him the day before, so it’s just like, instantly, that connection is there.”

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My Mum, Your Dad’s Petula Seath Opens Up About Her First Kiss with Darren Heath

During the November 22 episode, Petula and Darren shared their first kiss. Even though they had shared the Privacy Suite earlier on, it happened during their final date.

“It actually played out perfectly because there were many times when we could have [kissed], and without ever having spoken about it, we both realised that we both wanted it to be special.” Awww!

“And it was. It really was. Unfortunately for me, the whole of Australia got to witness it!”

my mum your dad petula seath darren lucas
During the November 22 episode, Petula and Darren shared their first kiss while on their final date. Source: Nine

The kiss was a major milestone for the pair; however, Petula came to another stunning realisation while on the retreat: That her son “saved” her.

During the Same Episode, My Mum, Your Dad’s Petula Seath Said Her Son “Saved Her”

After losing her husband in an accident 20 years earlier, the now-reality star became a single mum to son Drhys, who was just seven months old at the time.

During the same episode, she revealed in a tear-jerking letter to her son that she “needed” him more “than you needed me”.

“You saved me then, just like you’ve saved me now,” she said.

When asked about this, Petula admitted that she went into “survival mode”.

“The reality of you being on the show, being raw and open and all these emotions coming up, I realised that here was me thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to be this strong woman for my son’, when in reality, if I didn’t have my son at that time, I would have been a very different person.

“I would have gone into a dark place, but I had to be brave. I had to step up. So, that’s what I mean by he saved me.

“He made me a better person; life would have been different if I didn’t have a baby and I’d lost my husband.”

To find out more about Petula’s readings, head to Sage Divine.

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