Love Island Australia 2022‘s Layla John is still in ex-villa bae Callum Hole‘s corner, even after watching his shady behaviour play out on-screen.

In the leadup to her eventual dumping during the November 21 episode, the 20-year-old’s romance with Callum was characterised by a sh*t-ton of red flags while the Welshman flirted up a storm with incoming bombs Vakoo Kauapirura and Phoebe Han.

Given his behaviour, fans were constantly at odds with what Layla described as a “genuine” connection. However, the dancer has confessed that very little of their “real relationship” was shown.

layla callum love island australia
Love Island Australia 2022‘s Layla John is still in ex-villa bae Callum Hole’s corner, even after watching his shady behaviour play out on-screen. Source: Nine.

“We definitely had something worth fighting for,” she told So Dramatic! following her elimination. “Look, we’re filmed 24/7, so not much of our real relationship was even aired.”

Acknowledging that the series only seemed to portray the “worst bits” of their romance, Layla said she could understand why fans thought she was a “pushover” when it came to forgiving Callum’s behaviour — particularly after that cooked game of Truth or Dare.

“Watching it back, I actually knew everything [that happened between Callum and the bombs],” she admitted. “He told me everything, like, we had so many conversations about it and stuff, so I wasn’t surprised.

callum vakoo truth or dare
Layla said Callum “told [her] everything” that went down between him and the new bombs. Source: Nine.

“They don’t show everything. They don’t have enough time on TV to show [everything]. So, from an audience point of view, I totally see why they think I’m being a pushover. I actually agree with them.

“But there’s more to the story.”

What Else Did Fans Not See of Layla John and Callum Hole’s Relationship on Love Island Australia 2022?

Reminiscing on her time in the villa, Layla said there were plenty of elements of her “situationship” with Callum that fans weren’t privy to.

According to the Melburnian, this included: “Just hanging out and being ourselves when there was no one around and just the actual dynamic of our situationship, I guess.”

While exiting the villa was “bittersweet” for Layla after Vakoo chose to recouple with Callum, she told So Dramatic! that she felt like “it was [her] time to go”.

“It was hard leaving. Obviously, all my friends and I had a genuine connection, so to leave that and not continue to explore that is hard,” she said.

“Whatever happens, there’s a reason, so I was content with leaving, but yeah, it’s so sad.”

Even though the beloved Islander walked away without a beau, she’s clutching on tight to what she learned from her experience.

“Actions speak louder than words,” she dished, and yup, you don’t need to tell us!

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