There’s no denying that My Mum, Your Dad Australia 2022‘s Kayla Smith has a LOT of opinions about her father, Shane‘s love life.

The 26-year-old had previously claimed she would start calling her dad’s love interest, Kristy Woodruff, “mum” after spying on a successful date; however, during the November 21 episode, she had a major change of heart.

After winning yet another challenge, Kayla was allowed to ask Kristy some hard-hitting questions about her blossoming relationship under the guise of a producer interview.

Kayla Smith My Mum Your Dad
There’s no denying that My Mum, Your Dad Australia 2022‘s Kayla Smith has a LOT of opinions on her father, Shane Smith’s love life. Source: Nine.

But when the 43-year-old described Kayla as a “really hard kid” to crack (after hearing it from Shane), Kayla was defs not impressed, especially as it was Kristy’s response to taking on the role of “mother figure”.

My Mum, Your Dad Australia Fans Questions Whether Kayla Smith is TOO Protective of Her Father Shane

The (one-sided) drama continued during the November 22 episode, as Kayla was suddenly unsure about her dad’s relationship ahead of the blessing ceremony.

kristy my mum your dad
Kristy described Kayla as a “really hard kid” to crack – after being asked whether she would consider being a mother figure (yeah, a little weird, but whatever). Source: Nine.

“Kristy’s responses to the questions yesterday have definitely been on my mind. I’ve been thinking long and hard if that will impact dad and Kristy’s relationship,” Kayla claimed.

She continued: “We are a package deal. We are a family. His future is my future too. So there’s a huge amount weighing on this decision [sic].”

And look, we’ve been patient, we really have… But literally everybody ships Shane and Kristy!

shane smith kristy woodruff my mum your dad
How can you not want this adorable couple to stay together?! Source: Nine.

Even Kristy’s daughter Milli Woodruff (who also loves the couple together) shared her concerns about “where Kayla’s head was at” regarding the incoming blessing ceremony.

Fans were getting hella fed up with Kayla’s flip-flopping, with many suggesting she just needed to step away from “controlling” her dad’s love life.

Others felt Kayla was just missing the maturity that the parents had developed from experience.

NGL, we’re all too invested in #Krane for them not to work out (DW, we’re still workshopping the ship name).

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