A real estate pro has confessed that Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath‘s The Block 2022 house won’t come close to selling for its listed price of $4,080,000.

Following a bittersweet finale and post-auction negotiations, the tradie couple‘s renovated home is the only one yet to sell this season.

While their auctioneer predicted it’d sell for up to $4.8 MILLION, other industry experts are doubtful Dylan and Jenny will fetch anything close to that for their hard work.

dylan and jenny the block
A real estate pro has confessed that Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath’s The Block 2022 property won’t come close to selling for its listed price of $4,080,000. Source: Nine.

Chatting with Now to Love, realtor Chris Bellesini said The Block producers “lost touch with reality” and set the Blockheads up for failure when setting the reserve prices.

According to Chris, the trio of homes sold on auction day were “at inflated prices” and didn’t reflect the reality of the property market.

He then suggested that The Block buyers only purchased properties on the day to feed into their public profiles.

“These sales weren’t real,” Chris admitted. “Three were sold to Danny [Wallis] for his ego and the fourth to Adrian [Portelli in a post-auction sale] to promote his business ventures.”

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As such, it’s unlikely Dylan and Jenny will sell their home unless its price is dropped well below the $4.08 million reserve.

“It just comes down to at what point in time will Channel Nine and the vendors [are] happy to cut their loses and accept a price well below what they originally wanted.”

Fans of The Block Have Pointed Out a Key Reason Why Dylan and Jenny’s Home Has Failed to Sell

Aside from its extortionate listed price, fans of The Block have clocked another reason why the couple is struggling to offload the property.

One viewer took to Reddit to explain that they recently visited the Gisborne site and noticed that all the houses were close to each other, which wasn’t obvious on the show.

“Going past, you could really see the factors beyond the contestants’ control that made selling all these houses really difficult,” they penned alongside a photo.

reddit the block properties
Fans of The Block think the proximity of the houses contributed to the struggle of selling. Source: Reddit.

One fan responded: “It will take a lot of trees and about 10 years before these places hide the shed and get their privacy”. And well, they’re not wrong!

For over $4 million, you’d be wanting at least a sliver of privacy…

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