The Block 2022 winners Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik reportedly had a second friend secretly bidding on their renovated house because, of course they did. This drama never dies.

Their record-breaking win during the 2022 auctions saw them pocket $1,586,666.66 with the added bonus of rumours that they’d enlisted their mate Adrian Portelli as a “dummy bidder” to drive up the profit.

Now, as reported in episode 230 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the LMCT+ founder may not be the only bidder House Five recruited to bid on their property.

omar oz the block budget
The Block 2022‘s Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik reportedly had a second friend secretly bidding on their renovated house. Source: Nine.

An on-set source told host Megan Pustetto that buyer’s agent Frank Valentic was “bidding on behalf of another one of Omar and Oz’s mates”.

ICYMI: Frank is a regular at The Block auctions, having served as a buyer’s agent to several unnamed bidders in recent years.

“Instead of having two friends there and it looking suss, they had one friend there and one bidding through Frank so eyebrows wouldn’t be raised,” they alleged. “They legit rigged the auction in their favour.

“Genius. They played Channel Nine to a T.”

frank valentic the block bidder
Regular buyer’s advocate Frank Valentic reportedly bridged the gap between Omar and Oz’s mate and the auction. Source: Nine.

One The Block contestant, however, reckons the network “doesn’t care” about the ensuing auction dramas.

“They are open to it because it’s more drama and publicity for the show,” the source said. “They’ve literally done or said nothing so I guess that’s the way it is on the show.”

A Source Says Omar and Oz Would Have Recruited Bidders to “Gee Up” The Block 2022 Buyer Danny Wallis

One So Dramatic! spy also slid into the DMs stating that Omar and Oz definitely wooed bidders in order for them to give eventual buyer Danny Wallis a reason to spend more.

What’s more, is that she even saw them wining and dining Adrian at a Melbourne nightclub several weeks ago.

“I saw all three of them at Electric together four weeks ago getting cooked.” Ah okay, so maybe not indulging in wine then…

adrian omar oz the block 2022
One source said Omar and Oz were seen with Adrian several weeks before the auction. Source: Instagram.

They then said it’s “not hard to work out if you know who Adrian is”, which prompted Megan to ask what they meant.

“He has money 100 per cent,” they said. “But the boys would have said, ‘Come gee up Danny and get him to bid more’, knowing Adrian can afford it and sh*t.”

The source also said that it’s “very good exposure” for Adrian’s business — which raffles off houses and cars for charity — to be featured on national TV.

Another day, another The Block cheating scandal…

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 230 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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