On-set sources from The Block 2022 have called out the show’s “irresponsible” conditions that saw contestants microsleeping while driving.

The 18th season of the hit reno show (or should we say former hit?) has been bogged down by drama ranging from spectacular walk-offs to cheating scandals aplenty.

There have also been several occasions when both Block team members have been hounded for leaving the site together; however, as reported in episode 225 of the So Dramatic! podcast, it wasn’t because they were being slack — it was purely for safety reasons.

sharon ankur the block driving
The Block 2022 has been called out for “irresponsible” conditions that saw contestants microsleeping while driving. Source: Nine.

According to production insiders, there was “a lot of driving involved during filming”. And well, duh! They’re making out like Gisborne is in buttf*ck nowhere, so we’d expect at least a few road trips…

“Sometimes you would be spending eight hours driving in just one day,” one source recalled, adding that “when you’re doing long drives off minimal sleep”, things become “quite dangerous”.

They then explained that this led to contestants and tradies microsleeping on the roads and almost crashing.

However, producers “weren’t concerned about safety” when contestants brought up the issue.

“Instead, they would go off at the contestants for sleeping on the road and blame them instead of coming up with a solution. Contestants were like, ‘Well, what are we meant to do?’”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Adding that the stars “had no choice” but to continue driving on little sleep, the source said the conditions were made worse by the constant “challenges, sponsorships [and] filming”. Oh, and rats

“It was so insanely dangerous.”

The Block‘s Microsleeping Issue Became So Bad That Channel Nine Had to Intervene

Another insider alleged that the increase of microsleeping among the cast became so apparent that the network had to step in.

“After it happened a few times, Channel Nine reps came to speak to everyone about it and gave everyone a stern talking to,” the source dished. “That’s why some contestants started taking their partners with them on the trips or taking other contestants with them.

This was so “they could share the driving and not die or have an accident on the road”.

the block contestants 2022
Sources alleged that Channel Nine “gave everyone a stern talking to” over the microsleeping issue. Source: Nine.

Even though the Blockheads took appropriate measures to ensure their welfare, producers turned on them and “would make out like they were being lazy”.

“It was so irresponsible,” they concluded. “They should have given them a driver or something for safety.”

So Dramatic! contacted Channel Nine; however, they refused to comment on the claims.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 225 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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