The Block 2022 has come under fire AGAIN, though this time it’s for broadcasting Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson‘s marriage woes.

While it’s no secret that the young parents are constantly at each other’s throats, recent episodes have seen them increasingly at loggerheads, with Sarah-Jane expressing that she doesn’t feel that her hubby listens to her.

During the October 18 instalment of The Block, the mum of one broke down in tears after Tom brushed off her feelings, telling her to “go find a new husband”.

tom sarah-jane the block
The Block 2022 has come under fire for broadcasting Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson’s marriage woes. Source: Nine.

It’s been a common theme amid the 18th season, with Sarah-Jane and Rachel Carr airing their frustrations about their partners and now, fans have had enough.

One disgruntled viewer took to social media and said The Block producers were “out of line” to air “the personal stuff” between Tom and Sarah-Jane.

“What is wrong with them[?]” they questioned. “I felt so bad for Sarah-Jane, and I’m not a fan of her at all.”

the block tom and sarah-jane fight
One fan said it was “out of line” to air Tom and Sarah-Jane’s fight. Source: Facebook.

The post garnered plenty of similar reactions, with some saying the scenes further impact their family and friends watching from home.

“It’s not good, especially that their family and friend can see this, and if their kids ever watch the show their mum and dad were on, it’s not nice.”

Another penned: “Personal stuff between husband and wife or either one venting should not be aired.”

The Block Fans Argue That You Can’t Ask for Privacy on a Reality TV Show

Some The Block viewers shared differing opinions, with a number raising the point that if they don’t want their issues aired on telly, don’t sign up for a reality show.

“No such thing as personal stuff when you sign a contract to be on a public show that has a camera 24/7 on you,” a fan admitted.

Other fans thought privacy wasn’t an option when you signed onto reality TV. Source: Facebook.

Others said that drama was Sarah-Jane’s forte because “she loves the attention”.

“SJ always discusses personal things,” someone wrote on Facebook. “She’s done it all along.”

With its mountain of scandals and constant bickering between the cast and crew, it’s no wonder that fans are longing for the days when The Block was just a show about making over a house.

“It’s gone to another reality show level, FFS [for f*ck sake],” an angry fan expressed. “Get back to The Block.

“It’s not Married at First Sight. Sh*t production of this show.”

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