Last week, we reported that The Block 2022‘s Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath allegedly had help from an interior stylist during the competition, even though it’s a big fat no-no in the rulebook.

ICYMI: As previously detailed by So Dramatic!, it had been reported that the tradie duo also got styling advice from a professional after a series of leaked text messages insinuated that Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik had a decorator on speed dial.

Now, Jenny has revealed her side of the story and is a very different account!

dylan jenny the block
The Block 2022‘s Dylan Adams and Jenny Heath have denied using a stylist. Source: Nine.

As reported in episode 225 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Jenny told So Dramatic! that they “definitely did not” have interior design help.

“It was so hard, and I worked my ass off on that styling,” she said. “The styling was all us.”

The Blockhead then revealed that the contestants had their phones taken off them and only had the use of Block-appointed mobiles.

“Our phones were monitored, so how do you think I would’ve talked to a stylist?” she asked. “I worked so hard on my styling to get it to where it is now. It’s definitely not true. We did not cheat.”

“The styling was all us,” Jenny told So Dramatic!. Source: Nine.

Jenny Heath Said “Lies” Were Being Made Up to Create “Drama

After denying the claims, Jenny added that there were “so many lies going around this season that is just made up for drama”.

“It’s crazy,” she said. “[And] not what I thought going on The Block would be like.”

As reported in episode 223 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a well-placed source alleged that “House Four on The Block used an outside stylist.”

Jenny said the “lies” used to create “drama” this season was “crazy”. Source: Nine.

“This stylist was provided to them by their real estate agent,” they said.

The reports come after Dylan and Jenny’s neighbours Omar and Oz had their *alleged* convos leaked in a private Facebook group for The Block fans.

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 225 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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