Former The Bachelor Australia stars Laura Byrne and Britt Hockley reckon Channel Ten’s decision to delay The Bachelors makes it “almost impossible” for the show to be successful.

In September, it was revealed that the highly-anticipated revamped series had been postponed until 2023. This means its three leading men and contestants must remain on the down-low for several months.

Now, franchise faves Laura and Britt have revealed why they think the delay makes it impractical for anyone to stay together in the long run.

laura byrne britt hockley
Laura Byrne and Britt Hockley reckon Channel Ten’s decision to delay The Bachelors Australia makes it “almost impossible” for the show to be successful. Source: Instagram.

Chatting to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Laura said, “it’s a shame” The Bachelors has faced this fate.

“I think it’s a shame, and a shame for several reasons,” she admitted. “The big one is, if they weren’t going to show it until next year, then I don’t think they should have done all the pre-promotion.”

She continued: “By doing that, by doing all the pre-promotion, by publicising who the Bachelors are going to be, by recording it this side of the year and then having them push it out to next year…

“It just really makes any successful relationships that have come off the back of that show, it makes it so challenging for them to actually work out.”

“Almost impossible,” Britt agreed.

Adding that it was five months between winning Matty Johnson‘s heart in 2017 and the show airing, Laura — who now has two daughters with the Bachelor — said there’s a “huge responsibility” for couples to “keep the secret”.

matty j laura
Laura said she and Matty Johnson had to keep their relationship a secret for five months following filming. Source: Ten.

“But for these Bachelors, it’s going to be a year. And that, I think, it’s too much pressure for any relationship.”

The Bachelors 2023 Contestants Hit Out at Channel Ten’s Decision to Postpone Series

As previously revealed by So Dramatic!, suitors vying for Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli‘s affections aren’t impressed that the series has been pushed back to 2023.

While the series is in limbo, cast members are required to keep their social media accounts private. They are also not permitted to accept any new followers.

the bachelors 2022
The Bachelors’ Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli’s suitors aren’t happy with the delay. Source: Ten.

“They’re not allowing us to post our love lives or accept new followers or anything like that,” a contestant revealed. “We can just post ‘normally’ without giving spoilers.”

Contestants have also been reminded to “be careful who you are in photos with” (i.e. a new partner). They are also under strict instructions not to tag or mention the show.

“I think this will definitely ruin the outcome of the show, though because someone is likely to slip up,” the contestant predicted.

And we would honestly put our life savings on that. It’s a tale as old as time

The Bachelors Australia 2023 is slated to kick off on January 2.

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