Jessika Power has come out swinging against Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer for claiming the 2019 bride is using her to keep her profile up.

Things have been tense between the two TV brides since Olivia seemingly outed Domenica Calarco‘s OnlyFans account during the recent season of MAFS, especially after Jessika, a fellow OF creator, spoke out about the dodgy antics.

Things later escalated when Olivia joined the site and claimed she earned more than Jessika, then proceeded to block the serial reality star and share that she’d done so.

Jessika has taken to her Instagram Story to hit back at the controversial bride again after she suggested the 29-year-old is “just using [her] to stay relevant”.

Adding that she “never thought [Olivia] was a bad person”, the Celebs Go Dating UK star said Olivia isn’t doing herself any favours with how she’s acting.

“I’m telling you, you are going to be irrelevant… You’ve done nothing to make anyone like you,” Jessika said.

“I’m literally only on here today because she posted multiple Stories in a Q&A, and… it’s petty. Everyone on my social media knows I’m not one to sort of back down and not defend myself, so this is the whole story.”

Jessika Power Recaps Her Relationship with Olivia Frazer

Jessika reiterated that the duo only met once after Olivia asked to attend her Celebrity Slim event in April.

Speaking directly to Olivia, she said: “You came up to me, you were talking, you were shaking, which I felt really sorry for… We spoke about what I said about you in the media, which I told you was what I felt at the time.

“I said it wasn’t a basis or full perspective of what I actually thought you were as a person.”

Jessika added that she “still [doesn’t] know” Olivia and has not spoken to her since then.

However, she feels Olivia has “continue[d] to keep this narrative” about her, as she keeps bringing her up in a public setting.

“Then there’s the blocking, then there’s the… lives that you do, and then there’s the Stories.”

Watch Jessika’s full response below!

What Spurred Jessika Powers to Defend Herself Against Olivia Frazer?

Jessika was spurred to defend herself against Olivia after the 2022 bride addressed Jessika’s recent interview with So Dramatic! in a Q&A.

In the chat with host Megan Pustetto, Jessika spoke about Olivia’s continual need to mention her online.

Then, one fan asked the former teaching student about Megan and Jessika’s podcast chat.

“Both just using me to stay relevant,” she penned.

“Won’t even bother to listen.”

In a subsequent Story, Olivia was asked about her thoughts on “Jess saying you only blocked and spoke about her to stay relevant”.

After an excessive bout of written laughter, Olivia mused: “Who’s using who to stay relevant?”

“She spoke about me in the media before I ever even met her,” she wrote. “I’ve never spoken to a tabloid about her.

“Won’t be bothering with this one anymore.”

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