Married at First Sight Australia 2021’s Olivia Frazer has slammed the rumours that Jackson Lonie “dumped” her.

The 29-year-old took to Instagram on August 31 to shut down any speculation around the mutual break-up.

“I understand people like to think that I got ‘dumped’, but it wasn’t like that at all,” Olivia said before reaffirming once again that the controversial duo “split amicably“.

olivia jackson mafs
Olivia Frazer has slammed the rumours that Jackson Lonie “dumped” her. Source: Nine.

She continued: “We’re adults. We had an adult conversation about how the relationship wasn’t working for either of us and we both came to the resolution that splitting up with the only thing left to do.

“There’s no ‘juicy’ story. There’s no truth to the ‘haha he dumped you’ comments people say. It was a peaceful, joint decision,” she added.

olivia frazer jackson lonie break-up

NGL babe, the break-up is pretty damn “juicy” no matter who initiated it.

Are Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie Already Back on the Dating Scene?

The reality TV “villain” seemingly confirmed that her ex-boyfie is already playing the field.

He was spotted participating in a “blind” speed-dating segment at the Where’s Your Head At? podcast live show (the same night at Olivia’s Insta Q&A).

“It’s absolutely none of my business. Just like what I’m up to is none of his. I’d hope she was nice, though,” she said.

Olivia has also been dipping her toes back in the dating pool, having recently created a Hinge account.

According to her profile, she is looking for a short-term relationship but is also open to something more serious.

She describes her ideal partner as “someone who watches Real Housewives with me without complaining” and enjoys Game of Thrones.

olivia frazer hinge
Olivia recently created a Hinge account. Source: Instagram.

During her Instagram Q&A, Olivia – who has previously come out as pansexual – expanded her dream date’s bio.

The MAFS star revealed she was looking for “intelligent, hard-working and naughty boys”.

Olivia also revealed that she “hates secrets” and would likely tell fans when she found someone new but would respect their privacy if they wished.

We might see Olivia looking for love on TV again, as she confirmed she would be “open to doing another show”. Source: Instagram.

When Did Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie Really Breakup?

Jackson was pulled onstage at the Where’s Your Head At? podcast live show and shed some light on his new(ish) single status.

In a video provided to So Dramatic!, Jackson said it’s been “just a little over a month” since he and Olivia called it quits, which is particularly interesting considering they didn’t announce their breakup until August 8.

@sodramaticonline SPOTTED! Jackson Lonie being auctioned off at the Where’s Your Head At? Live Podcast event last night. One SD spy sends us this: “New GF on the cards 🥰. He had a date with the girl at the back of the room.” Seems like the women are lining up to date Jackson following his split from Olivia! 👄👀 Ps. It’s the soundtrack for me 💀🐍 #MAFS #MAFSAU #mafsaus #mafsaustralia #mafs2022 #mafsau2022 #mafsaus2022 #mafsaustralia2022 #fyp #jacksonlonie #jacksonmafs #oliviafrazer #wheresyourheadatpod #annamcevoy #mattzukowski #loveisland #loveislandau #marriedatfirstsight #dating #blinddate ♬ original sound – So Dramatic!

However, Olivia admitted that “less than a month ago” she believed she would be with Jackson for the rest of her life.

“It’s crazy how much can change so quickly,” she said before adding: “I’m okay. I’m sad that the life Jack and I thought we were going to have is no longer a reality but optimistic that we will both find exactly what we’re looking for.”

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