Former Married at First Sight Australia bride Jessika Power has called out 2022 villain Olivia Frazer for her behaviour during the latest season.

The 2019 breakout star, who has since amassed great success on OnlyFans, slammed the 27-year-old for sharing Domenica Calarco‘s own racy pics from the adult subscriber platform.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Jessika said Olivia wasn’t one for women supporting women.

“I copped backlash because I was cheating on my husband but she’s coming across as not a girl’s girl,’’ the 29-year-old said.

During her time on the hit reality series, Jessika was held to account for ditching her expert-appointed hubby Mick Gould for intruder groom, Dan Webb.

“It’s worse than me. That’s a different type of dislike from people. You can’t just say ‘I found it on the internet’, you need to pay for it and it’s behind a paywall,” she said of Olivia’s explanation for coming across her co-star’s online content.

olivia vladimir putin mafs
Jessika said Olivia was not in favour of “women supporting women”. Source: Nine.

Adding that women should be “empowering each other”, Jessika labelled the controversial bride’s actions as “disgusting”.

“I thought it was disgusting for another woman to do that to another woman,” she expressed. “She shouldn’t be laughed at behind her back… I think Olivia was grasping at straws and I don’t agree with it. It was horrible.”

The nude photo scandal was central to this year’s marriage experiment and quickly divided the cast.

The incident is currently being investigated by NSW authorities.

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Jessika Power Dishes On How Much She Earns As an OnlyFans Star

As perhaps the most successful MAFS-turned-OnlyFans star, Jessika has made a whole lotta moola on OnlyFans.

Since her foray onto the platform in August 2021, the serial reality star has raked in subscribers en masse for her saucy content.

Jessika Power onlyfans
Jessika revealed she made over $50K in her first five days on OnlyFans. Source: Instagram @jessika_power.

She previously dished to the Herald Sun that she made a jaw-dropping $50,000 in her first five days on the site.

The Daily Telegraph later crunched some numbers, sussing that if Jessika has 9000 subscribers who pay $15 each monthly, the TV bride has to be raking in over $100k per month. Did someone say “major bag alert”?

As for those slamming the now-international personality, Jessika claims she “[doesn’t] give a sh*t” what they have to say.

Taking to her Instagram Story in December 2021, she said: “[There’s] comments being made about me and my exclusive content page by people who I don’t know and who just really should keep their opinions to themselves ‘cause I don’t give a sh*t”.

“Do you know literally within the last hour of me making that little rant about the exclusive website, I have in my statements on my account in there, I’ve got $2,000 worth of subscribers… I am going to cry all the way to the bank.”

Queen sh*t, TBH.

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