Friends of Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen have dished that the couple “lost their spark” months before rumours of their split emerged.

As revealed on August 22, the fan-favourite couple — born from The Bachelor franchise’s incestuous pool of cast members — reportedly split ahead of Konrad’s stint on The Challenge Australia.

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Friends of Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen have dished that the couple “lost their spark” months before rumours of their split emerged. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

What’s more is that the Daily Mail Australia claimed that he’s already hooking up with fellow Bachie alum and co-star Megan Marx, who also recently split from her bae, Keith Newman.

Now, a So Dramatic! source close to Abbie and Konrad has spilled that the duo amicably split several weeks ago.

“They were living apart before Konrad went to film The Challenge,” the insider said. “They were avoiding each other like ships in the night, which wasn’t that hard because of how busy Abbie is anyway.”

The source added that “they didn’t see each other much anyway”, which echoes The Masked Singer Australia judge’s sentiment in a recent interview with Stellar.

“Maybe two days a week,” she told the publication in July.

Abbie previously revealed she rarely saw Konrad. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

The same interview was just one of the reasons Abbie reportedly wanted to keep the breakup on the down low.

The tea-spiller dished in episode 208 of the So Dramatic! podcast that the interview happened “months ago” as part of her “press obligations” for The Masked Singer.

“In the interview, she was gushing about him, so it would have been weird to announce their breakup before that, or shortly after it came out,” the insider said.

Why Abbie Chatfield Is Yet to Announce Her Split from Konrad Bien-Stephen Officially

Just hours after rumours of their split made headlines, Abbie took to Instagram with a somewhat cryptic statement.

Nothing that the pair are “totally okay”, the 27-year-old said she wouldn’t comment further until Konrad returns home from filming The Challenge.

“Can every one [sic] not be so dramatic pls,” she penned.

abbie response konrad split
Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

According to a So Dramatic!‘s source, this was always Abbie’s “plan”.

“Abbie planned to wait until he got home so they could announce the split together then,” the source said, adding that the serial reality star is “embarrassed” over the breakup.

“She talked the relationship up so much, saying they were planning a future together. She spoke about how amazing their open relationship was, told everyone he was The One… she feels like an idiot.”

So, Why Did Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bien-Stephen Break Up?

As reported in episode 208 of the So Dramatic! podcast, there is little drama behind the famed pair’s split.

“The relationship had run its course,” one source explained. “They outgrew each other. They had lost their spark and hadn’t had sex in months before they split.”

After Abbie — who was/is in an ethical non-monogamous relationship with Konrad — got it on with someone at the Logies, “she realised she could do better”.

“[She] had a change of heart about the future of the relationship.”

abbie konrad
Abbie reportedly “realised she could do a lot better”. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

However, sources close to the couple maintain that they are “still amicable and remain friends”.

“The romantic side of their relationship is over,” one insider confessed. “Konrad is going to move his stuff out of Abbie’s house when he gets home from filming.

“There was no point in him finding a new place before he left when he was going to be away for so long anyway.”

Many Fans Speculated That Abbie and Konrad Had Broken Up

Many fans of Abbie’s have noticed that the reality star hasn’t mentioned Konrad on her podcast, It’s a Lot, for quite some time.

This contrasts the beginning of their relationship, in which Abbie would gush about her tradie bae in episodes.

Eagle-eyed (or eagle-eared?) followers also noticed that since the former I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here winner adopted a new dog, Walter; Abbie has only referred to him as her pup.

Earlier in the year, Abbie and Konrad adopted Marco and often shared content together, boasting about their “little prince”.

Marco has since sadly passed, ergo the new addition of Walter to Abbie’s life.

Further indicating a rift between the pair, Walter’s Instagram page follows just four accounts, none of which are Konrad’s. The shade!

wally dog followers
Walter (A.K.A Wally) does not follow Konrad on Instagram. Source: Instagram.

Abbie Hints That She Doesn’t Live with Anyone

In a recent episode of her podcast, Abbie commented that The Masked Singer was the ideal show to watch with your housemates before correcting herself: “If I had housemates”.

TBH, this is an odd thing to say, considering she and Konrad live together. However, in her defence, Abbie may have been speaking in the present tense as her bae (or former bae?) currently resides in Argentina while filming.

This may also be the reason for Konrad’s lack of activity on Instagram.

As reported by the So Dramatic! podcast’s host Megan Pustetto, it has been quite some time since the duo interacted on the ‘gram.

In fact, the last time Abbie posted on the grid with Konrad was on June 18, with the TV beau last sharing a snap of Abbie on June 20.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Interestingly, Abbie’s last “like” of Konrad’s posts was July 28, and Konrad’s was July 28.

These dates are vital as they correlate directly with the filming dates for The Challenge Australia.

According to the Daily Mail, Konrad was papped on July 31st at the airport boarding a flight to Buenos Aires — the location of the first Aussie season of the hit MTV series.

So, are Abbie and Konrad actively avoiding each other online, or is it just to comply with a social media ban while filming?

We are eagerly awaiting his return for answers!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 208 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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