The Masked Singer Australia 2022’s Thong has a voice that is a little too recognisable for anybody who grew up with Aussie icon, Bindi Irwin.

During the series’ first episode on August 7, judge Chrissie Swan guessed that the national treasure was the one behind the classic Aussie footwear.

With numerous clues matching her wholesome M.O, a history of nailing reality TV comps and a voice that hit many fans straight in the 2000s nostalgia, it’s clear that Bindi could be the Thong on the Masked Singer Australia 2022.

Bindi Irwin has Been Performing from an Early Age

Bindi has been singing and performing from an early age, particularly while at Australia Zoo made famous by her dad, Steve Irwin.

To prove our suspicions that she’s behind the mask, we dug up some old footage of her performances to prove it!

While Thong has a slightly deeper voice (hello, the above video was YEARS ago), it’s still pretty much spot on!

Bindi – a prominent Australian/American accent and a performance-ready lilt – was easy to recognise, even with the distortions placed over her speaking voice.

Her first song Footloose was obviously a reference to her costume but could have also been a nod to Bindi winning Dancing with the Stars in the US in 2015.

The Masked Singer Australia’s Thong’s Clues Match Up with Bindi Irwin

If you’re not convinced by her recognisable voice, we’ve broken down every clue that has a connection to the Crickey! It’s The Irwins star.

An Aussie Icon with a Background Overseas

 “I’m the Thong, I’m familiar, I’m comfortable and an Aussie icon with a background overseas,” Thong said in her clue package. Come on, this part is so obvious!

We could definitely describe Bindi as “familiar” and “comfortable, but she is also undeniably “an Aussie icon with a background overseas”.

Her dad Steve is OFC an Australian legend, and her mum Terri Irwin is from the US, as is her husband Chandler Powell.

bindi irwin chandler powell terri irwin robert
Bindi Irwin’s family makes her an “Aussie icon with a background overseas”. Source: Instagram
Barbies and Banquets

“I love a barbie, and I also like a banquet,” Thong continued in the clue teaser.

While she could be referring to the classic Aussie BBQ, we think “barbie” actually refers to the iconic doll.

While some people have suggested this hints at Barbie actress Margot Robbie, we’re convinced it’s actually referring to the Bindi Irwin Barbie doll that was released in 2018 as a part of Mattel’s feminist icon range.

barbie bindi irwin

The banquet is likely referring to the annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner held in Brisbane and Los Angeles, which the Irwin clan attend every year.

Movie References

In the footage, Thong was being watched by a bodyguard through a telescope, standing in the clouds in front of an ancient statue. The telescope and statue could reference Bindi’s 2013 movie Return To Nim’s Island.

At the beach, Thong was offered a ‘not beer’ bottle by a bodyguard wearing an eyepatch. Bindi reportedly doesn’t drink alcohol and the eyepatch could be a reference to the 2010 movie Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove.

Which Masked Singer Australia Clues Don’t Quite Fit with Bindi Irwin

Okay, so we’ll admit, there are a few clues that don’t make a lot of sense for Bindi.

In the clue package, Thong says: “However, I’m better known for my work with M&M.” Our best guess to relate that to Bindi is she works closely with Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors (M is like W upside down?).

As pointed out by the judges, M&M is more likely referring to the chocolate snack or the rapper Eminem. However, neither of those things have anything to do with Bindi, as far as we can tell.

When talking about her overseas background, a red Vespa drives past, which could indicate Thong has Italian heritage.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

At one point, Thong had a halo around her head and was worshipped by two bodyguards. Well, Bindi has millions of fans and is known for her angelic, wholesome persona.

She also mentions that she hopes the banquet has fish because she “really loves fish”. Bindi loves all animals and has done some pretty hardcore snorkelling in the past, but it seems like an odd connection.

Bindi also eats a primarily plant-based diet, according to The List in 2021.

Later in the package, one of the bodyguards showed three rats. Uhm, snakes feed on rats and Bindi likes snakes? Yeah, that’s a reach, even for us!!

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