Big Brother Australia‘s Tim Dormer has exposed Estelle Landy for creating a deal outside of the OG alliance, with newbie villain Taras Hrubyj-Piper.

Both on- and off-screen, Estelle repeatedly criticised Tim and other “head players” for going against what was best for the (crumbling) OG alliance.

“Deals are a weak way out,” Estelle said, in the midst of her Twitter feud with Tim.

“By you taking a deal, everyone else in your alliance is then put in danger. And because they are not told, you are still privy to sacred info and protection.”

Twitter Estelle Landy deals Big Brother
“Deals are a weak way out,” Estelle wrote, in the midst of her Twitter feud with Tim. Source: Twitter

Big Brother Australia‘s Estelle Landy and Dave Graham Made a “No Shoot” Deal with Taras Hrubyj-Piper

On the Big Mouth podcast, Tim revealed that Estelle and Dave Graham had allied with Taras early on in the season, which prevented him from “making moves against” the newbie underdog.

“Estelle never really understood how I could make a deal outside of the OG alliance,” Tim said, referring to his own handshake deal with Johnson Ashak, which was later exposed by Big Brother.

“It didn’t mean I was going to turn on the OGs, it was just a preservation deal. Anybody could have made a deal like that.

“She actually had one with Taras, that they weren’t going to shoot at each other. That was quite frustrating because I wanted to make moves against Taras a lot earlier in the game, but Estelle and Dave didn’t want to.”

tim dormer and taras big brother
Tim revealed he wanted to make moves against Taras Hrubyj-Piper (pictured) a lot earlier in the game. Source: Seven

That’s right, viewers wouldn’t have been subjected to Taras’ record-breaking challenge wins if Estelle hadn’t made that deal.

“Estelle’s strategy just seemed to be to critique all the head players’ strategies and play this card that I’m this trusting, loyal heart player, which I thought was actually a weakness,” Tim continued.

As it turned out, Estelle trusting Taras was her eventual downfall and eviction.

Big Brother Australia’s Tim Speaks Out About Being “In Love” With Drew

Estelle and Big Brother fans thought it was suss that Tim saved his returning mate Anthony “Drew” Drew from eviction multiple times, despite it not being the best game move.

Tim believed that he wouldn’t have won Big Brother in 2013 without Drew’s support and it was “really special” to be playing with him again.

“If you knew what Drew meant to me back in 2013,” Tim said cryptically, before adding: “There was something unspoken with Drew that we would have each other’s backs in this game.”

Fans often questioned Tim about whether he “hated” Drew’s romances with Tully Smyth and Sam Manovski.

“What’s funny is people were saying ‘what is it with you and Drew’s girlfriends? First Tully and then Sam’. It’s weird, I don’t like it,” Tim said.

“Some people were saying, ‘are you in love with Drew? Oh, you’re jealous!’ It’s a bit hurtful that any gay guy that has  a relationship with a straight guy must be in love with him.”

tim dormer podcast
Tim confirmed he had “never, ever had [romantic] feelings for Drew like that”. Source: Instagram

Tim confirmed he had “never, ever had feelings for Drew like that” and believed ” you can be friends as a gay guy with a straight guy”.

“Why did I hate his girlfriends? Because they were bad for his game! As you saw, Drew had a different gameplay as soon as Sam was outside the house,” Tim said.

Well, that answers that!

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