Big Brother Australia’s Farmer Dave Graham sacrificed himself to save his best mate Reggie Bird and Twitter couldn’t handle the feels.

On June 13, Farmer Dave was put up for eviction against “Big Brother royalty” – fellow OG Estelle Landy and his best friend, Reggie.

“It makes it almost impossible [to vote]. Reggie’s my mum, my daughter, my sister, my partner all wrapped up into one human being… Australia needs Reggie,” Dave said.

Farmer dave eviction reggie sacrifice relationship
Farmer Dave voted for himself in June 13’s episode of Big Brother Australia. Source: Seven

Big Brother Australia‘s Farmer Dave Voted To Evict Himself To Save Reggie and Estelle

Dave had made up his mind by the time he entered the diary room to vote.

“This person is getting really tired and I don’t think they’re able to play the game the way it’s meant to be played,” Dave told Big Brother.

“When I see the three people at the finish this person’s definitely not going to be one of them. I think it’s best to get this person evicted now rather than later, and for that reason, I nominate Dave.”

But Big Brother told Dave he wasn’t able to vote for himself, he had to choose between Estelle and Reggie.

It’s unclear if he was able to change Big Brother’s mind, but he received the most votes regardless with Reggie only receiving one vote from one of the intruders.

Some fans were shocked by Dave’s selfless choice, but others suspected one of the OG players would sacrifice themselves.

Twitter Fell In Love With Reggie and Dave’s Heartwarming Relationship

Before the “nightmare” eviction, Dave and Reggie sat down to have one last heart-to-heart.

“There’s no way in hell I could put a vote on you,” Dave told Reggie, hinting at his final decision.

In the diary room on a different day, Dave, who came out as gay on live TV in 2006, told Big Brother about his and Reggie’s “love at first sight” friendship.

“We’re really, really good for each other. I can’t imagine being in this house without Reggie,” he said.

Twitter has been gushing about their close friendship for weeks with many fans believing their authentic relationship was down to them both being from earlier seasons of the show, where it was more a social game than a strategy game.

Bye Farmer Dave. We love you!

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