Rumours have been swirling that Australia’s husband Brent Vitiello has recoupled with his Married at First Sight Australia 2022 costar Ella Ding since the show wrapped.

Now, the groom’s resurfaced audition video proves that the pair would have been a match made in heaven!

In his MAFS audition, Brent relayed that his ideal type is a gal who is “adventurous, funny, down to earth, fit and brunette.”

brent mafs 2022
In his MAFS audition, Brent describes his ideal type – which matches the description of Ella. Source: Nine.

It is pretty damn obvious that Brent’s MAFS partner, Tamara Djordjevic, is literally NONE of those things

Ella, however, ticks every single f*cking box!

Brent also added that he “can’t stand pretentious people”.

His ‘wife’, Tamara, famously outed herself as extremely pretentious in her own MAFS audition, which the show’s producers evidently would have seen prior to pairing her up with Brent.

But wait, the plot thickens even more!

Ever the sh*t-stirrer, the producer on the other end of the call during Brent’s MAFS audition asked the 33-year-old what he would do if he *happened* to find himself attracted to another bride.

“I don’t know if I could help myself… But I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone either. So I would still be a gentleman,” he confessed.

Brent Vitiello MAFS audition
In his MAFS audition, Brent confessed he would not be totally opposed to going for another bride. Source: Nine.

Wither every word that comes out of Brent’s mouth we can just picture the producer’s brain ticking. We have a hunch that they may have been plotting a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for Brent and Ella

MAFS Producers Wanted Brent and Ella To Cheat On Their Partners

After Brent declared in his MAFS audition that he was after someone “brunette” and “not pretentious,” you may be scratching your heads as to why TF he was horridly mismatched with Tamara for the experiment…

As reported in episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast, it turns out producers were hoping that Brent and Ella would swap partners so that the show’s ninth instalment would have a cheating scandal.

“Producers went into the season wanting Brent and Ella to potentially cheat that’s why they mismatched them with Tamara  and Mitch [Eynaud],” a production source said.

“They thought if they gave them such horrible partners, it might force them to look elsewhere for support.” Ooft!

Unfortunately, the swap never gained any steam because Carolina and Daniel swooped in.

Accordingly, BOTH Brent and Ella were left with their incompatible partners!

Want even more goss about Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Ella and Brent? Listen to episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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