Just when you thought the drama was winding down on Married at First Sight Australia 2022, we’ve been told that we’re in for a real treat when it comes to the final girls’ and boy’s nights!

As reported in episode 163 of the So Dramatic! podcast, after the drama of the last dinner party, old and new cast members return for some epic gender-split partying.

domenica olivia married at first sight australia 2022
We’re in for a real treat when it comes to the final girl’s and boy’s nights on Married at First Sight. Source: Nine.

According to one contestant, the girls’ night, in particular, is an absolute sh*t storm.

“The girls’ night is a mess,” they revealed. “Hold on to your seat!”

Tamara [Djordjevic] was bitching all night about Brent [Vitiello] to the girls after their final date. She talks sh*t about him all night.”

Selin Mengu Calls Tamara Djordjevic Out For Behaviour Towards Brent Vitiello

Returning bride Selin Mengu (remember her?) has it out for Tamara over her treatment of Brent, as revealed in a spicy AF promo for the celebrations.

The pair almost come to blows after Selin tells the fussy bride that she’s “led him on” and let’s just say the bombshell was having NONE of it.

selin mafs reunion girls night
Selin calls Tamara out at the girls’ night for her treatment of Brent. Source: Nine.

“Have you been here? No, you haven’t,” Tamara snapped. “Don’t tell me that you’ve seen anything!”

Then, in a moment spicier than the margaritas the girls are downing, Selin retorts: “You just want to keep yelling like you do to Brent.” YIKES.

Old Brides Return to the Girl’s Night, Causing Massive MAFS Tension

Brides Holly Greenstein, Jessica Seracino and Carolina Santos also return to stir sh*t up at the girls’ night.

“There’s more Carolina drama,'” our So Dramatic! source said, however, it is of course, overshadowed by MORE beef between Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer.

mafs domenica olivia
There’s more drama between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco! Source: Nine.

Upon her return, Selin — a relatable gossip queen — continuously asks for details on everything that’s been going on — and as if they can share all that drama in one night!

“She doesn’t give up and no one wants to be the one to tell her,” the contestant dished. “Eventually, Ella [Ding] explains to Selin what has been going on because no one else would!”

And as for Holly? She talks. Like, a lot. Lol.

Olivia, having none of it, says “more hurtful comments” to Holly and once again, victim-shames her. Does this chick ever let up?

Holly Greenstein Married at First Sight Australia 2022 sad
Holly returns for the girl’s night and is victim-shamed by Olivia. Source: Nine.

The Mean Girls of MAFS 2022 Ice Out Domenica and Ella

In absolute zero surprise to anyone, Olivia and her cronies — including Jessica, Tamara and Carolina — “ignore Domenica and Ella” all night.

“They were just sitting there laughing and making rude comments,” the contestant said. “Domenica calls out all the girls for their behaviour.”

And once again, Domenica walks off — but not before saying, “these people are c*nts” into her microphone and EVERYONE hears it! Oh god.

Tamara then blows her lid and yells at Domenica, before Ella removes herself from the night because “it’s too much” and can’t handle how the girls are treating her friend.

Seriously, Domenica and Ella are the real heroes of this show!

What Happened During the Boy’s Night on Married at First Sight?

Unlike their last lad’s gathering during the retreat, the boys’ night is not a walk in the park.

According to another contestant, there’s a lot of drama that goes down during their catch up, which of course revolves around public enemy number one, Daniel Holmes.

Daniel Holmes, MAFS 2022
Daniel Holmes returns for the boy’s night and causes major drama between the lads. Source: Nine.

“Daniel rocks up,” the contestant dished. “It’s basically all the boys versus Daniel. No one knew why he even came, no one is friends with him.”

The contestant then revealed that all Daniel cares about is “air-time” and will do “anything to get it”.

“It was all a bit awkward when he walked in because no one likes him after what he did,” they said. “All the boys take Dion’s [Gianerelli]‘s side.”

Dion gives Daniel a good ol’ talking to and all the boys stick up for the swanky jacket-wearing king.

“It gets quite heated,” our source said. “Mitch goes at Daniel the hardest. He blows up at him, defending Dion. They end up getting into a heated argument.”

Well, f*ck! Bring it on!

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