It’s no secret that Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Olivia Frazer is public enemy number one and now people think someone from her camp is behind a vile Twitter account which has nicknamed Domenica Calarco, “Demon-ica”.

A So Dramatic! source alerted us to this very hot titbit, however, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we don’t have any proof that it actually is the MAFS bride.

olivia frazer married at first sight australia 2022
Fans of Married at First Sight Australia seem to think that Olivia Frazer is behind a vile, anonymous Twitter account. Source: Nine.

Under the pseudonym Spycatt049, the person behind the account has slammed Domenica over the most recent dinner party, slamming the bride for “[getting] away with verbal abuse”.

They also claimed that Domenica “got a taste of her own medicine”.

What Else Has Spycatt049 Said?

The sus AF user also penned a number of Tweets naming Olivia the hero of the infamous fight that broke out between her and Domenica.

“Fire-breathing Demon-ica has meet her match in Olivia. Olivia represents everything good. Demon-ica represents everything that is evil,” one Tweet read.

In another tweet, the person wrote:

“Demon-ica (Domenica) is vile. Nasty, caustic, mean, critical, judgemental, and a rageaholic,” they said. “I loathe her. She is a bully. And Olivia is the only one with enough guts to stand up to her. The rest of them are gutless enablers.”

Defending Olivia once again, the person then took aim at Jackson.

“Jackson telling Olivia to be the bigger person, to be nice, etc is BS,” another tweet read. “She is a grown woman. And she can say what she wants to. She stood her ground with ‘The Evil One’ (Domenica). She gave as good as she got!”

Then there was this, among other disgusting Tweets:

Luckily, another user called out SpyCatt.

Why Do People on Twitter Think The Account Belongs to Someone In Olivia’s Camp

One Twitter user believed the account was being run by someone from Olivia’s camp.

“Another family member of Olivia speaks,” they wrote.

However, the biggest nail in SpyCatt’s coffin? The fact that they have insider information…

While there is absolutely no proof that Olivia — or someone close to her — has set up the account, it does paint her in the hero position. We wonder who is behind the SpyCatt Twitter handle?

This is certainly a case for the FBI!

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