The latest Married at First Sight Australia 2022 dinner party confirmed one thing: everyone is totally over Olivia Frazer and Carolina Santos ganging up on Domenica Calarco.

Just when we thought the outcry over Domenica’s glass-smashing incident was put to bed, Olivia walked into the first dinner party following the Couples Retreat guns blazing — even though she insisted that she was going to have a cHiLl NiGhT and not engage in dRaMa.

While Olivia and Domenica were the main meal, Carolina served up the works too, honing in on Dom for supporting her estranged beau Dion Giannarelli.

And believe us when we say Olivia and Carolina make Bryce Ruthven look like a saint, and us, exhausted.

Keep scrolling to scrolling to see what Twitter had to say about the unfriendly affair.

Olivia Frazer Is Married at First Sight‘s Answer To Regina George

Despite calling out Domenica for being a “bully”, fans are likening Olivia to Mean Girls’ Regina George.

From her straight up nasty behaviour to cutting a bridesmaid dress to shreds, it’s not hard to see why.

Olivia and Carolina Are A Match Made In Villain Heaven

While nobody is condoning Domenica breaking a glass, Twitter certainly isn’t condoning Thing 1 and Thing 2 ganging up on her.

After nine seasons of the dumpster fire experiment, we can all agree this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

What Will Happen When Carolina’s Affair Comes To Light?

Because of her devout defence of Carolina (and her determination to be in on the drama), fans can’t wait to see Olivia’s reaction to her new BFF’s affair.

With Carolina and Daniel Holmescheating scandal set to surface on Sunday, viewers are ready for Olivia to take a bite of that sweet, sweet humble pie.

So strap in, because we have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

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